Music Major (Voice, Piano, or Instrumental) Transfer Program Schedule Guide

Degree Name: Music Major (Voice, Piano, or Instrumental) Transfer Program Schedule Guide
Degree or Program: Music
Degree Type: Associate of Arts Degree
First Semester
MUS 131 Music Theory I 3  
MUS 133 Ear Training and Sight Singing I 1  
  Large Ensemble I 1  
MUS 119 Piano Proficiency I 1  
  Applied Music I 2  
COL 101 College Success Seminar 1  
  Multicultural Valuing 3  
MUS 021 Recital and Concert Attendance 0  
  Social Science-Group II 3  
ENG 101 English Composition I 3  
  TOTAL   18*
Second Semester
MUS 132 Music Theory II 3  
MUS 134 Ear Training & Sight Singing II 1  
  Large Ensemble II 1  
  Applied Music II 2  
MAT 155, 158 or higher Contemporary College Math, College Algebra 3  
ENG 102 English Composition II 3  
  Humanities (Group II) 3  
  Social Science-Group II 3  
MUS 021 Recital and Concert Attendance 0  
MUS 120 Piano Proficiency II 1  
  TOTAL   20*
Third Semester
MUS 281 Music Theory III 3  
MUS 283 Ear Training & Sight Singing III 1  
  Large Ensemble III 1  
  Applied Music III 2  
MUS 231 Music History I 3  
  Computer Science 3  
MUS 021 Recital and Concert Attendance 0  
MUS 219 Piano Proficiency III 1  
  Social Science-Group I 3  
  Natural Science 3  
  TOTAL   20*
Fourth Semester
MUS 282 Music Theory IV 3  
MUS 284 Ear training & Sight Singing IV 1  
  Large Ensemble IV 1  
  Applied Music IV 2  
MUS 232 Music History II (Humanities Group I) 3  
  Natural Science with lab 4  
MUS 021 Recital and Concert Attendance 0  
MUS 220 Piano Proficiency IV 1  
SPE 101 Oral Communication 3  
COL 299 Sophomore Portfolio Assessment 1  
  TOTAL   19*
Total Hours Required For Graduation   64

MUS 225 – Elements of Conducting is also suggested in the fourth semester for transfer students in music. This can be included if students take general education courses in the summer sessions. Conducting is only offered in the spring semester.

Music courses listed are standard courses for music majors in their first two years at a four-year institution.

*General Education courses may also be taken during the summer semesters to reduce the course load during the regular semesters. Most music courses are not offered during the summer session.

Note: Recommended electives appear in italics.

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Degree Info.

The Associate of Arts degree is awarded to students completing the requirements of the academic transfer program with a minimum of 64 credit hours including 45 hours of general education courses. This degree is best suited to most transfer students as it parallels the work done in the first two years of a Bachelor of Arts degree at a four-year institution.