History Transfer Program Schedule Guide

Degree Name: History Transfer Program Schedule Guide
Degree or Program: History
Degree Type: Associate of Arts Degree
Italicized courses are recommended to be taken for elective credits.
First Semester   
ENG 101 English Composition I 3  
MAT 155, 158, or higher Contemporary College Math, College Algebra 3-4  
HIS 101 U.S. History to 1877 3  
  Humanities * 3-4  
  Multicultural/Valuing 3  
COL 101 College Success Seminar
  TOTAL   16-18
Second Semester   
ENG 102 English Composition II 3  
HIS 102 U.S. History Since 1877 3  
  Humanities (Group I) 3  
  Humanities * 3-4  
  Course(s) in major for transfer institution 3  
  TOTAL   15-16
Third Semester   
  Natural Science with Lab 4  
HIS 145 Western Civilization Ancient & Medieval 3  
  Elective/Foreign Language * 3-4  
SPE 101 Oral Communication 3  
  Course(s) in major for transfer institution 3  
  TOTAL   16-17
Fourth Semester
  Natural Science 3  
HIS 146 Western Civilization Modern Europe 3  
  Course(s) in major for transfer institution 3  
  Computer Science 3  
  Social Science (Group II) 3  
COL 299 Sophomore Portfolio Assessment 1  
  TOTAL   16
Total Hours Required For Graduation   64

* Many universities require three semesters in one foreign language for a Bachelor of Arts Degree; a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree does not typically require foreign language. Check with your transfer institution to see which degree best meets your educational and career goals.

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The following academic areas of study are included in the College Transfer Program:

Select an area of study and see a schedule guide. These two-year guides are suggestions to help students in developing their own educational plans. Individual courses may in most cases be taken in different semesters, or the whole program may be stretched out over more than four semesters.