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What Is Business Administration – Accounting?

This certificate program prepares students to provide support to professional accountants and other financial management personnel. This program includes instruction in posting transactions to accounts, record-keeping systems, accounting software operation and general accounting principles and practices.

Occupation Overview

Individuals working in accounting will aid in the preparation and examination of financial records to ensure financial records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time. 

Occupational Outlook

Depending on job experience and additional education, positions that have a bright outlook in the accounting field include, accounting clerk, bookkeeper, budget accountant, business service specialist, certified public accountant (CPA) and finance manager. These positions are projected to experience rapid increases in employment with large numbers of job openings over the next several years or are new and emerging occupations in high growth industries. SCC Career Services

Business Administration Careers – Accounting

Graduates with an accounting Certificate of Specialization (C.S.) are employed in a broad range of careers including, but not limited to: accounting clerk, bookkeeper, brokerage clerk, county or city auditor, payroll and timekeeping clerk and tax preparer. 

Salary Outlook

In the state of Missouri, people well established in bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerk positions earn a mean average of $35,100 per year. New account clerks earn a mean average of $29,400 per year.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, earnings increase significantly as a worker’s degree of education rises.

Degree Name: Accounting C.S.
Degree or Program: Business Administration
Degree Type: Certificate of Specialization
A Certificate of Specialization in Accounting targets people already in the workforce, seeking to improve skills or wanting to obtain new skills. The specialized certificate requires 16 credit hours, no general education credits and consists of five classes.
General Education Requirements 0
ACT 101 Applied Accounting** 3
ACT 110 Financial Accounting 4
ACT 115 Computerized Accounting 3
Any ACT 3
Any BUS 3
Any ECO 3

** If the student has an accounting background or experience, ACT 101 can be waived

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Business Administration - Accounting

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Certificate Info.

Certificates of Specialization are for people who desire information or skills in a specific area that is usually related to their current job. Students must complete specific program requirements as listed under each program in the catalog. They can usually be completed in a short period of time. The credit hours earned can be applied toward a Certificate of Achievement and/or an Associate of Applied Science degree in the related field, should the student wish to continue study.