St. Charles Community College Catalog 2015-16

2015-16 College Catalog

Student Responsibility for Catalog Information

This catalog is effective beginning April 1, 2014, for the 2014-15 academic year. Each student is responsible for compliance with the information appearing in the catalog. Failure to read the regulations and policies will not be considered an excuse for noncompliance. St. Charles Community College maintains an open-admissions policy providing higher education to all persons who can benefit from its programs and courses.

The college serves students from a variety of educational backgrounds in keeping with its goals of providing quality, low-cost education to residents throughout the area. Once admitted to SCC, you may enroll in any course or program as long as individual course prerequisites are met and space for effective instruction is available.

The college may guide your enrollment based on Academic Skills Assessments, interviews, previous achievement, and other criteria. If you do not meet the standards for admission into college-level courses, you may enroll in developmental courses designed to help you strengthen your skills. These developmental courses may be offered on a credit or non-credit basis. Students applying for the programs with selective admissions criteria may be required to take additional tests for admissions purposes.

Before you register for credit courses, you must be admitted to the college. You may apply for admission anytime during the year.

Getting Started at SCC

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