Boards, Tack Strips and Kiosks

General Information Boards and Tack Strips

  • General Information postings may include announcements of upcoming events or activities and postings of an educational or human interest nature, such as plays, concerts, meetings, health information, educational materials. 
  • General Information boards and tack strips are not to be used for sales, political literature, or promotion of items or services such as legal services, cars for sale, pet grooming, etc. Those go on “Classified Ad/Political Postings” specialty boards.
  • General Information postings by any campus or community sponsor or group must bear the names of the sponsoring organizations and may not imply sponsorship or endorsement by the college.
  • See Posting Locations.

Specialty Boards

  • Specialty bulletin boards for clubs, organizations, or campus departments must be approved, monitored, and maintained by those groups.
  • Two special “Classified Ad” bulletin boards are the central posting locations to display items for sale, services offered, etc. They are located across from the Assessment Center (Student Center, Room 133) and near the front entrance of the Café. Both of these bulletin boards are maintained by the Student Activities Office. Items for these specialty boards must be approved by the Student Activities Coordinator (College Center, Room 102) or personnel at the Welcome Center (Administration Building).
  • Two special "Political Postings" bulletin boards are the only locations allowed for political postings. They are located across from the Assessment Center (Student Center, Room 133) and near the front entrance of the Café. Approval must first be obtained from Marketing & Communications (Administration Building, Room 1121).
  • Bulletin boards inside classrooms are reserved primarily for faculty postings related to class assignments. However, the Student Activities Office, at the discretion of the Student Activities Coordinator, may post pre-approved flyers for student events and information in the classrooms. Items to be posted in classrooms must be delivered to the Student Activities Office by noon on Fridays the week before the desired posting date.
  • Job postings and career information can be found on the specialty bulletin boards in the Administration Building 1204 (counseling) hallway. See Career Services (Administration Building, Room 1204).

3-Sided Standing Kiosks

  • The kiosks are maintained, scheduled, and managed by the college Marketing & Communications Department. Posters displayed there are created and/or approved by that department. For information, call 636-922-8364.
  • Kiosk bulletin boards and plastic information pockets may be used only for posting college-related events and information. See Campus Kiosks Map.

Table Tents

  • Plastic table tent literature holders may be available for checkout in the Student Activities Office (College Center, Room 102).  For more information, contact the Student Activities Office.

Contact Info

For Community Members:

Administration Building

Welcome Center
ADM Atrium

College Center &
Student Center

Kelley Pfeiffer
CC 102

For SCC Students and Employees:

Social Sciences Building

Margaret O'Dea
SSB 1104

Technology Building

Ginny Tiller
TECH 105

Humanities & Fine
Arts Buildings

Shannon Beahan
ACA 203

Visual Arts Building

Karen Murray
VAB 103