Community Use of Campus

St. Charles Community College makes the campus as accessible as possible to district residents by offering meeting space when available and by providing many cultural opportunities through the Donald D. Shook Fine Arts Building and theater.

In addition, the campus is the site of many seminars, workshops and outdoor activities that are open for participation by the general public.

Users of facilities will be required to comply with all college policies and any applicable statutory regulations.

Sales and Solicitation

No direct sales or solicitation is allowed on the SCC campus except in connection with certain approved special events. External groups may reserve tables in the Atrium of the Administration Building for select purposes. Contact the Enrollment Services Department, 1204 ADM, at 636-922-8241 for procedures and reservations.  Internal groups may fund raise in the lobby of the Student Center, the lounge of the Social Sciences Building, and in some situations, the Cafe/Bookstore. Contact the student activities coordinator, 102 College Center, for procedures and reservations at 636-922-8544.

General Facility Rental

For general facility space rental, including rates and equipment fees, contact Linda Shipley, scheduling coordinator.
Phone: 636-922-8468
Guidelines, Rental Fee Schedule, and Application Forms
Catering services also available. Contact

Theater Rental

For 407-seat Fine Arts Building Theater rental, contact Jeff Roop, theater manager.
Phone: 636-922-8515
Procedures, Requirements, Rental Fee Schedule, and Application Forms

College Center Rental

For College Center rental, including gymnasium, contact Brenda Hollrah, College Center coordinator.
Phone: 636-922-8230
Guidelines and Application Forms
Catering services also available. Contact

Table Reservations and Distribution of Materials

St. Charles Community College Guidelines on Distribution of Materials by Non-SCC Entities

St. Charles Community College (“SCC”) follows the SCC policy that endorses the principle of freedom of expression for all persons. However, such freedom is not absolute, and the rights of colleges and universities to regulate time, place and manner of such expressions are well established. In order to honor the right of free expression to the many Entities that wish to communicate on campus while protecting against the intrusion upon or interference with the academic programs and administrative processes of SCC, the following guidelines have been adopted. These guidelines are intended to clarify the rights and responsibilities of SCC, members of the SCC community, and visitors and guests regarding the distribution of materials.

All Entities agree to the following rules and restrictions. Failure to follow any of the rules and restrictions can result in loss of privileges to distribute materials in the future.


“Application” shall mean the Application for Distribution of Materials Reservation form.

“Applicant” shall mean any person submitting an Application as defined herein and may include an agent or authorized representative; this definition may include an Entity or Distributor.

“Designated Areas” shall mean those areas of the campus that have been designated as public areas where distribution of Materials will be permitted.

“Distributor” shall mean any person intending to distribute Materials on behalf of an Entity as defined herein; this definition may include an Entity or Applicant.

“Entity” shall mean any individual or organization not affiliated with SCC or a registered student organization with SCC.

“Materials” shall mean any printed material, including any newspaper, magazine or other publication, and any leaflet, flyer or other informal printed matter intended for distribution or actually distributed on campus.

“Reservation” shall mean the authorized retention of a calendar date for the distribution of Materials.

Application Process & Priority

Any Entity seeking to distribute Materials at SCC shall complete an Application. This form is available at the SCC Marketing & Communications Department, the SCC Academic Counseling office and on the SCC website,

The Application shall contain:

  1. The Entity’s name and address, phone number and email address.
  2. The proposed date and time for each Reservation.
  3. The name(s) and address(es) for the Applicant and each of the proposed Distributors as well as the email address for the Applicant.
  4. The signature of the Applicant.
  5. Copies of any Materials to be distributed are to be attached to an application and approved, under the guidelines set forth below, before the Materials may be distributed.

The fully executed Application shall be submitted to the Marketing and Communications Department, Room 1121, of the Administration Building, either in paper form or via electronic transmission (, fax-636-922-8279), by noon on the second business day prior to the Reservation date being requested (e.g., the deadline for a Monday Reservation is noon on the prior Thursday). Reservations shall be approved on a first come, first served basis.  No more than a total of seven (7) Entities may have Reservations on the SCC campus during any given day, four (4) at the Atrium and three (3) at the Outdoor Plaza. No single Reservation may include more than (4) Distributors and no Entity and/or Applicant may have more than one (1) Reservation during any given day.

All Applications for a Reservation under these guidelines shall be approved unless one of the following conditions exists:

  1. The Entity or Applicant is under disciplinary penalty prohibiting distribution of Materials based on a prior violation of these guidelines. If any Distributor identified on the application is under disciplinary penalty prohibiting distribution of Materials based on a prior violation of these guidelines, the Applicant will be notified and such Distributor will be stricken from the Application and the Application will be approved without that Distributor so long as at least one other Distributor is listed on the Application;
  2. The Materials attached to the Application contain any content in violation of the Content of Materials section below. If an Application is rejected on these grounds, Applicant may resubmit an Application for the same date with Materials that are compliant with the Content of Materials section below; or
  3. The proposed date is unavailable.

If application for reservation is denied, applicant may request a review of basis of denial by the President or his/her designee.


A Reservation shall allow distribution of Materials from 8 a.m-7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Fridays. Applicants are not required to utilize the entire allowable time period for a Reservation, but the use of any part of the allowable time period is considered a full use of Reservation. No Reservations shall be granted during any official final examination periods.


The Designated Areas are:

  1. The Atrium on the first floor of the SCC Administration Building.
  2. The portion of the outdoor campus plaza in front of the SCC Learning Resource Center (LRC), which spans the distance between the center of the round flowerbed (in front of the Student Center) to the portion of the flag poles in front of the library (LRC).  This area includes the orange aggregate plaza area within the boundaries that are marked by one-foot-wide gray cement boarders that are part of the design of the plaza outdoor area.  The Designated Area does not include the nearby grassy area or the area comprised of dark gray aggregate concrete that is under the LRC overhang area.  Anyone with questions about the boundaries of this Designated Area should speak with a member of the Department of Public Safety staff at 636-922-8545.


Content of Materials

No Materials shall:

  1. Contain any writing or visual image that is obscene as defined by local, state or federal law, or is within the definition of obscenity as set forth in decisions of the United States Supreme Court; or
  2. Contain any statement that defames any other person; or
  3. Contain any statements directed to inciting or producing imminent violations of law under circumstances such that the statements made are likely to actually and imminently incite or produce violations of law; or
  4. Contain any statements directed to inciting or producing actual and imminent material disruption of classwork, substantial disorder or invasion of the rights of others.
Behavior of Any Distributor

Materials shall be distributed only within the Designated Areas. The Distributor must not discard any Materials in the Designated Areas except in appropriate receptacles. 

  1. No Distributor shall, with the intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person;
  2. Strike, shove, kick or otherwise subject a person to unwanted physical contact; or
  3. Attempt or threaten to strike, shove, kick or otherwise subject a person to unwanted physical contact; or
  4. Make an offensively coarse utterance, gesture or display or address abusive language to any person present; or
  5. Follow a person in or about the Campus in an effort to cause such person to accept material when such person has rejected the receipt of such material or otherwise clearly indicated a refusal to accept such material.
    1. No Distributor may deliberately impede the flow of pedestrians or vehicular traffic on campus or access to or from the campus, buildings or any official SCC function.
    2. No Distributor may attempt to coerce or intimidate any other person into reviewing or accepting a copy of any Materials.
    3. No Distributor may persist in requesting or demanding the attention of any other person during a single encounter after such person has rejected the receipt of such material or otherwise clearly indicated a refusal to accept such material.
    4. No Distributor shall fail to identify oneself to, or comply with the lawful direction of, a clearly identified SCC official or any other public official acting in the performance of their duties while on SCC property, or resist or obstruct such SCC or other public officials in the performance of or the attempt to perform their lawful duties.
    5. No Distributor shall use any means of amplification.
    6. No Distributor shall be allowed to distribute Materials that have not been approved as compliant with the Content of Materials section of these guidelines.

Application for Distribution of Materials Reservation Form (PDF)

Distribution of Partisan Literature or Petitions

See Table Reservations, Application for Distribution of Materials Reservation Form (PDF) and Political Activity on Campus.

A map of the designated area for outdoor distribution of literature will help visitors leaflet on campus.

Posting Materials on Campus

For posting flyers, posters and other general announcements about events and activities on or off campus, you must obtain approval from the Welcome Desk (636-922-8400), located in the Atrium of the Administration Building, or from Student Activities (636-922-8544) in College Center 102.