Community Use of Campus

St. Charles Community College makes the campus as accessible as possible to district residents by offering meeting space when available and by providing many cultural opportunities through the Donald D. Shook Fine Arts Building and theater.

In addition, the campus is the site of many seminars, workshops and outdoor activities that are open for participation by the general public.

Users of facilities will be required to comply with all college policies and any applicable statutory regulations.

Sales and Commercial Solicitation

No direct sales or commercial solicitation is allowed on the SCC campus except in connection with certain approved special events.

External groups may reserve tables in the Atrium of the Administration Building for select purposes. Contact Crystal Rinkel, scheduling coordinator, with your request at 636-922-8468 or

College-affiliated groups may raise funds in the lobby of the Student Center, the lounge of the Social Sciences Building, and in some situations, the Cafe/Bookstore. Contact the student activities manager, 102 College Center, for procedures and reservations at 636-922-8469.

General Facility Rental

For general facility space rental, including rates and equipment fees, contact Brent Hickenbottom, events coordinator.
Phone: 636-922-8668
Guidelines, Rental Fee Schedule, and Application Forms
Catering services also available. Contact

Theater Rental

For 407-seat Fine Arts Building Theater rental, contact Jeff Roop, theater manager.
Phone: 636-922-8515
Procedures, Requirements, Rental Fee Schedule, and Application Forms

College Center Rental

For College Center rental, including gymnasium, contact Brenda Hollrah, College Center coordinator.
Phone: 636-922-8230
Guidelines and Application Forms
Catering services also available. Contact

Guidelines on Expressive Activities

St. Charles Community College (“SCC”) endorses the principle of freedom of expression for all persons. However, such freedom is not absolute, and the rights of colleges and universities to regulate time, place and manner of such expressions are well established. In order to honor the right of free expression of the many Entities that wish to communicate on campus while protecting against the intrusion upon or interference with the academic programs and administrative processes of SCC, the following guidelines have been adopted. These guidelines are intended to clarify the rights and responsibilities of SCC, members of the SCC community, and visitors and guests while engaging in non-commercial Expressive Activities on SCC property.

All Entities agree to the following rules and restrictions. Failure to follow any of the rules and restrictions can result in loss of privileges to engage in Expressive Activities on SCC property in the future.


“Entity” shall mean any individual or organization not affiliated with either SCC or with a registered SCC student organization.

“Expressive Activities” shall include non-commercial activities, including all forms of peaceful assembly, protests, speeches, distribution of literature, carrying signs and circulating petitions.


Entities may engage in Expressive Activities from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Fridays.


Expressive Activities are permitted in the outdoor spaces of SCC, subject to the time and manner restrictions contained in these Guidelines.


  1. No one may engage in any activity that violates local ordinances, or state or federal laws
  2. No one may engage in any activity that endangers personal safety and/or that results in damage to personal or SCC property
  3. No one may display or distribute obscene materials, as defined by local, state or federal law, or is within the definition of obscenity as set forth in the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court.
  4. No one may engage in any activity that defames any other person
  5. No one may engage in any activity that is meant to incite or produce imminent violations of law under circumstances such that the activity is likely to actually and imminently incite or produce violations of law
  6. No one may engage in any activity that substantially and materially disrupt the functioning of SCC, including the disruption of class work (including out of class studying), or the substantial invasion of the rights of others.
  7. No one may engage in any activity that disrupts or impedes the flow of traffic (vehicular or pedestrian) on campus, or obstruct access to or from campus buildings or any official SCC function.
  8. No one may attempt or threaten to strike, shove, kick or otherwise subject a person to unwanted physical contact.
  9. No one may follow a person in or about the SCC campus in an effort to cause such person to accept material when such person has rejected the receipt of such material or otherwise clearly indicated a refusal to accept such material.
  10. No one may persist in requesting or demanding the attention of any other person during a single encounter after such person has rejected the receipt of such material or otherwise clearly indicated a refusal to accept such material.
  11. No one may fail to identify oneself to, or comply with the lawful direction of, a clearly identified SCC official or any other public official acting in the performance of their duties while on SCC property, or resist or obstruct such SCC or other public officials in the performance of or the attempt to perform their lawful duties.
  12. No one may use any means of amplification.

Distribution of Partisan Literature or Petitions

See Guidelines on Expressive Activities.

Posting Materials on Campus

For posting flyers, posters and other general announcements about events and activities on or off campus, you must obtain approval from the Welcome Desk (636-922-8400), located in the Atrium of the Administration Building, or from Student Activities (636-922-8469) in College Center 102.