Birthdays and Holiday Treats

Birthdays, holidays and special events are an important part of every child’s life. Each classroom has a unique way to recognize special days.

We try to find appropriate ways to celebrate in which all children can participate. In addition, teachers try to balance the natural exuberance and energy without creating an overwhelming situation in the classroom. Please check with your child’s teacher for classroom plans for birthdays and other special events. Our Eat Smart status means that we cannot allow any outside food to be brought into the Center. Items such as balloons are not allowed because they pose a choking hazard. If you would like to participate or contribute non-food items to a classroom event, please discuss it with your child's teacher to ensure the safety of all children.

If you are having a celebration for your child outside of school, please do not deliver invitations to school unless all of the children in the class are being invited.

We are confident that together we can create memorable and special celebrations for the children that are appropriate to the classroom setting.

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