Arrival and Departure

Children in full-time programs may arrive and depart on a schedule arranged at the time of enrollment. Children attending the flex-care program must adhere to scheduled days and times. If additional time is needed for a parent’s study or classwork, it can be arranged through the lead teacher. Requests will be made based on number of children enrolled at the time of the request.

Parents and children are required to wash their hands upon entering the classroom to reduce the risk of illness and exposure to life-threatening allergens.

An authorized adult must sign his/her child in and out on daily attendance sheets located at the entrance of the classroom which your child is dropped off or picked up. Please indicate the time on the appropriate date line and sign your first and last name each time you drop off and pick-up your child. Parents wishing to authorize others to pick up their child may fill in the Authorization Sheet in the front of the sign-in book, or call the office. Unfamiliar persons authorized to pick up your child must produce an official form of identification before a child can be released into their care. Your child must be dropped off in the presence of CDC staff. No child should ever be left unattended in a classroom or parked vehicle. It is against the law to leave children in an unattended vehicle. Please notify office staff if you need assistance and we will be happy to assist you. Children must remain in the immediate care of their parents as they enter and exit the building onto the parking lot.


The Child Development Center does not provide transportation to other sites.  Children receiving services through Francis Howell Early Childhood Special Education may receive Francis Howell School District transportation services.

Late Pick-Up Fee

A late fee of $2 per minute will be assessed past 6:30 p.m. Late fees for flex-care will be assessed 15 minutes after scheduled time of pick-up.  Late fees will be added to weekly tuition fees.


The college maintains a 15-minute drop-off/pick-up area directly in front of the building. Children should exit vehicles from the right side onto the sidewalk. Please refrain from parking on the aggregate as a safety measure for all children. SCC maintains an open parking policy; we reserve spaces for handicap-approved and emergency vehicles only. Please use caution traveling with children through parking areas on campus.

Emergency Alert System

Parents may enroll in the college's text-messaging Emergency Alert System that will serve as one means of alerting you about emergencies, warnings and campus shutdowns.

Please see office staff for ID# prior to signing up at


The Child Development Center has an “open door” policy for parents and other authorized visitors. Parents of full-time children may bring their child at any time during the day. Parents are always welcome to observe and participate in their child’s day at the center. Visitors conducting approved observations or participating in field experiences must sign the guest book in the office, obtain a visitor's badge and be escorted to the classroom.

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