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MCCA Update

During this year as chair of the Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) Presidents/Chancellors Council I will offer periodic updates on matters related to the MCCA.  This first relates to MCCA’s legislative agenda for FY’17.  At a meeting last week with trustees of the MCCA one aspect of that agenda was unveiled … Continue reading

Enrollment Update

In my last post I described healthy trends in our enrollment.  As we prepare to graduate the largest class in the college’s history, itself a landmark accomplishment, I want to say a bit more about why these positive enrollment trends exist and why they are important.  The caveat is that … Continue reading

April Showers

Well, we made it through another winter, this time with a single full snow day if my memory is correct.  It is always a moment of celebration for me when those sticks that guide snow removal come down around campus.  Yesterday was that day.

Looking ahead to a busy spring … Continue reading

A New Semester

We return to a new semester amid renewed attention to the value of higher education and of the community college experience particularly.  President Obama’s recently announced proposal to make two years of community college free to all will surely be met with lively debate and discussion nationally and in the … Continue reading