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Final Thoughts


So this is what it feels like to have a degree. Accomplished, proud and excited. I am ready to see what the future has in store for myself and my fellow graduates. My experience at SCC was remarkable. I learned something new from everyone I encountered, I determined my major, … Continue reading

2015 PBL SLC


This past weekend, 16 of SCC’s 35 PBL members attended the annual State Leadership Conference held in Springfield, Missouri. What a fantastic time we had! Friday night, the chapter enjoyed dinner at Lambert’s, and Saturday we enjoyed a day filled with workshops and competitive events, and even obtained several awards.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Why wait until January 1st to begin your New Year’s Resolutions to make the changes and work towards healthy lifestyle, when you can start before the holidays end and not have to feel as bad when you’re trying to get back into … Continue reading

Confessions of a Sushi-holic


Many people have strange addictions. Mine just so happens to be with fish. Raw fish.

That’s right, I’m one of “those” sushi-loving weirdos. “How can you eat that?!” is something I get asked on a regular basis. How, you ask? Typically my response entails something along the lines of…”well, how … Continue reading