Jared, Foundation scholarship recipient

Thankful for you

During this time of Thanksgiving, we give thanks for friends like you who have made education a priority.

Because of you …

Meet Jared: Scholarship Recipient, Future Civil Engineer

With a knack for math and science, and an interest in helping his city, Jared is studying to be a civil engineer. He said he is looking forward to making a difference in his community with this career.

Jared is pursuing an Associate of Science in engineering at SCC and plans to transfer to a four-year university to get his bachelor’s degree.

One of Jared’s teachers said that she was impressed with his outstanding character, passion for learning, willingness to help others and commitment to representing himself in the most positive light.

Jared has learned to balance his academics with the schedule of school, athletics and working a part-time job. However paying for college is up to Jared, and he was very thankful when he learned he would receive a scholarship.

“When I received the scholarship, I made my decision to come to SCC,” Jared said. “It was definitely a relief to get some funding for my education. I believe the scholarship is going to help me with my education and career.”

Jared is among many students who received a scholarship this year thanks to the generosity of individuals, organizations and businesses who give to the SCC Foundation.

Brianna, Foundation scholarship recipient
“I would not have been able to attend college if not for the scholarship. I am super-grateful and ecstatic. The scholarship took a huge burden off of my shoulders.” – Brianna

“Without the scholarship it would be hard to find other ways to pay for classes. I wasn’t expecting this. I’m grateful and humbled that you chose me.” – Nile

Jean, Foundation scholarship recipient
“Thank you so much. The scholarship really is very generous. It really encouraged me and I feel very blessed and grateful that you chose me.” – Jean


We are sending our most humble thanks and warmest wishes during this holiday season.

Thank you to all who give their time, talents and treasures to the SCC Foundation. Together we are transforming lives and strengthening communities. 

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