Advice for New Students [from someone who's been there]


  1. Go to class. Yes, you’ve heard it a million times. But it is the key to your success or failure at SCC or any school in that matter. Professors will see who really cares about the subject matter, and those who do (more often than not) end up with the best grades. Plus, there’s SO much to learn! Why would you even want to skip class to begin with?!
  2. Buy a planner and USE IT. I always keep my planner with me. At the beginning of the semester, I take all of my syllabi and write down the important due dates/exam days so that I know ahead of time when something is coming up. There’s nothing worse than showing up the day of an exam unprepared. Don’t be that student!
  3. Set a schedule for yourself. Most students at SCC have jobs. It’s tough to keep up with classes, homework and work, so make it easier on yourself and plan out when you are going to set aside time for each of your classes. (The planner, cough, cough-it WORKS) Soon, you’ll start to realize it isn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be.
  4. Use the resources on campus. The ACE center is without a doubt one of the most helpful places for a struggling college student. Coming from someone who doesn’t thoroughly enjoy writing research papers, my life was made so much easier when I went to the ACE center with all of my questions concerning my writing. On top of the English courses I’ve taken, I have learned a lot from the individuals who are in the ACE center. They are there to HELP YOU! It is literally what they get paid to do. Take advantage of it. Another one of my favorite places on campus is the library. It is such an underused facility! If you are lucky enough to have a quiet study place at your home, ignore me on this. But I know there are many distractions inside one’s household. The library is a quiet place where you can get all of your work done. If a library makes you nervous because of how quiet it is, or you have a friend you want to study with, you can actually check out study rooms on campus! They are located on the second floor of the LRC, you just go to the desk inside the library, show them your student ID and you can check one out for 3 hours at a time. During midterms and finals, it’s such a good resource for study groups.
  5. Get involved! Many people find community college life to be “boring” since we don’t have Greek life or other forms of partying that most universities have. So what’s the alternative? ORGANIZATIONS! There are so many awesome organizations on campus that so many students are unaware of. It makes school so much more enjoyable, and it helps you build your network of friends on campus. We have everything from Phi Beta Lambda for business majors, to  Students for a Sensible Drug Policy for the more political students, to Phi Theta Kappa for our scholars. There are enough organizations on campus for at least one to spark interest to you. The Fall Fun Blitz is coming up, and during that there will be tables with representatives from the organizations on campus to explain a little more about how each one works. Stop by, talk to people. Make friends; get to know your peers. I’ll be there!

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    Stephanie Tolson

    We work hard in both the ACE Center and the Library to help our students. We tell students to call on us early and often. We want all students to acheive success. Thank you for your kind words about our efforts.

    Stephanie Tolson, Dean of Learning Resources & Academic Support

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