SCC’s 2015 College Transfer Fair


Approximately four out of five SCC students plan to advance to a four-year university after attending SCC. Transferring can be a challenge, so if you have questions about the transferability of your SCC courses to most Missouri institutions, visit the staff in Enrollment Services (ADM 1204). If you are interested in … Continue reading

MCCA Update

During this year as chair of the Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) Presidents/Chancellors Council I will offer periodic updates on matters related to the MCCA.  This first relates to MCCA’s legislative agenda for FY’17.  At a meeting last week with trustees of the MCCA one aspect of that agenda was unveiled … Continue reading

Campus Sexual Assault Awareness Month at SCC

September is Campus Sexual Assault Awareness Month at SCC.  We have new policies in place and training for our campus community. Several events are planned, please plan to attend one or all of them! September 22nd @ 1:00 The Script An educational one-man show addressing Sexual Assault Prevention ,Title IX … Continue reading

The Value of Internships and Jobs

You’ve heard it over and over again. Participating in internships while in college are great experiences to prepare you for the world of work. However, many students find it necessary to work while in school and therefore cannot commit to an unpaid internship. In that case, I challenge you to … Continue reading

It’s On The Syllabus! No, Really, It Is…


Do we have to hear the syllabus talk in every class? That’s the look I read on students’ faces (and sometimes actually hear them say) in the first couple of days of each semester as eyes begin to glaze over and get very heavy. The short answer to that question … Continue reading