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1.1. Datatel/Colleague Login problem

 What does "never found the unix prompt, your configuration may be wrong" mean?

It means that too many unsuccessful login attempts have occurred and your Datatel/Colleague account has been automatically deactivated. This can happen if you enter the wrong username or password OR if you have not logged into Colleague during the past 9o days.  Here are the rules:

a.       You must enter your userid in lowercase.

b.      Your datatel userid is always only 8 characters in length – unlike your windows login which may be much longer. It is usually your first initial and up to 7 characters of your last name.

c.       Your password is case-sensitive – use both upper and lower case, and at least 1 number.

d.      Do not use any common dictionary words or commas in your password

e.        Colleague passwords are required to be changed every 90 days.

f.       You cannot use  the same password 4 times in succession.

Call Lisa @ extension 8369 to have your account reactivated.

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