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1. FAQ

1.1. Datatel/Colleague Login problem

 What does "never found the unix prompt, your configuration may be wrong" mean?

It means that too many unsuccessful login attempts have occurred and your Datatel/Colleague account has been automatically deactivated. This can happen if you enter the wrong username or password OR if you have not logged into Colleague during the past 9o days.  Here are the rules:

a.       You must enter your userid in lowercase.

b.      Your datatel userid is always only 8 characters in length – unlike your windows login which may be much longer. It is usually your first initial and up to 7 characters of your last name.

c.       Your password is case-sensitive – use both upper and lower case, and at least 1 number.

d.      Do not use any common dictionary words or commas in your password

e.        Colleague passwords are required to be changed every 90 days.

f.       You cannot use  the same password 4 times in succession.

Call Lisa @ extension 8369 to have your account reactivated.

1.2. Where has XGBI gone?

XGBI has been replaced by Budget access on SCC Connection.  Login to SCC Connection and click on the Budget option.  However, you must be authorized to access budget by the Business Office after your supervisor has made a request on your behalf.

1.3. Where have my program selections gone?

You have just logged into Colleague but none of your normal program selections appear. Try going to the top of the page and selecting Apps, then ST (student system) or CF (colleague financials) depending on where you normally work.

2. Navigating Datatel/Colleague

2.1. Colleague's new WEB UI Interface

Ellucian's UI 4.3 is a graphical user interface that uses a standard web browser to navigate Colleague. You can connect from any pc on campus with a web browser . This interface is replacing the current  Datatel 2.3 Desktop interface.


Sometime in the near future the Web UI  Interface will be the only way you can access Datatel.

 This new interface is very different from our current version and there are many new features. With that in mind  we would like everyone to complete a short online course that covers the UI4 fundamentals before you are granted access to this version on campus.A limited number of users  previously had access to an earlier version of the web interface, which has been since improved and replaced. This 4.3 version is somewhat different and you will need to complete the new training following the procedure listed  below.

Each individual is required to have their own personal  Ellucian/Datatel website login, so that you can easily start & stop the lessons, and your place in the lessons can be kept.  Please enroll at the link below using your college email address as your username. If you are requested to enter a Datatel Client ID during the enrollment process, enter S10 as the client ID.

If you already have a Datatel client site login simply use that username and password instead of creating a new one.

Start at http://clients.datatel.com and either login or request a new first time login.

Once you have been approved for access to their site, please log in. On the top menu bar select "Training & Education", then "My Subscription Library". Select the last course which is "UI4 Learning Services Pack for End Users". Click on the title to access the course, and then select start now. After enrolling the course will appear under "My Training".

 The course has an estimated completion time of 1 hour total. You can start and stop the course as it fits your schedule. Take time to print out the handout at the bottom "Users Interface 4.0 icons & terminology".

After you have completed the online course, remember to complete the course & finish it with the Self completion option on the right side of the page.


 Then when we receive a report from Datatel that you have completed the course we can grant you access to our actual test account on campus for more practice.

 Once you are comfortable with the web interface you will be granted access to our  live production account.


3. Telephone Tips and Tricks