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5.1. Conference Calling Options

Conference Phone Calling Options


There are more options available to facilitate conference calls.  Two types of conference

calls can be executed on the 7960 phones, and a third type is provided by our

new Cisco 7936 Conference phone available on request.  Please read the following

information for your conferencing needs.


Conference Call - To turn a call on your Cisco 7960 phone into a conference

call (primarily used to add additional parties on campus) follow these steps:


Step 1 - During the call, press the More key and then the Confrn soft key.  This will

automatically select a new line and place the other party on hold.

Step 2 - Place a call to another number (internal or external).

Step 3 - When the call connects, press Confrn again to add this party to the conference call.

Note :  You can have up to 6 parties on this type of conference call.


Meet-Me-Conference Calls:  Allows other callers to dial into the special conference

number to join the conference call.  This requires a special conference number which we

will configure for you. This feature works well when parties from the outside are



To initiate a Meet-Me conference call you need to receive dial tone on your Cisco 7960

phone and follow these steps:


Step 1 – Press the more softkey twice to display the Meet-Me tab.

Step 2 – Press the Meet-Me soft key.

Step 3 – Dial the Meet-Me conference number provided.

Step 4 – Follow the voice instructions to establish the Meet-Me Conference.


To join a Meet-Me conference, dial the Meet-Me conference number provided by the

initiator of the conference. 

You will be connected to the conference once the initiator has dialed in and established the

conference at the appointed time.  Please call extension 8369 to have the special conference

number configured for your Meet-Me conference call.


Cisco 7936 Conference Station:  Our new Cisco Conference Station is ideal for use in our

Conference  board rooms and facilitates conference calling with enhanced speaker design.   

Please call extension 8369 to request use for this exciting new conference phone.  





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