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Course Descriptions

COL 90   College Study Skills ...   3

Develops, improves, and practices study skills critical to success in college. Skills include time management, concentration, memory, SQ4R textbook study method, note taking from both lecture and textbook, exam preparation and test taking.

COL 101   College Success Seminar ...   1

Information and experiences to facilitate college success for freshman.   Required of all first-time freshmen students taking 9 or more hours (6 hours or more in the summer semester).

COL 104   Online Information and Internet Research ...   1

Skills needed to select and search online information sources. Focus is on strategies for searching online catalogs, indexes, and the Internet. Includes resource comparison, evaluation and citation, and types of information.

COL 299   Sophomore Portfolio Assessment ...   1

Prerequisites: Sophomore standing.

Students will complete activities from 3 discipline areas* which will include evidence of Higher Order Thinking (HOT) and Managing Information (MI). Students may be required to complete a comprehensive standardized assessment test. The discipline areas are: Humanities, Social Science, and Multicultural/Valuing

Corequisites: Students should take this course after completing 30 hours of their 42 hour AA general education transfer block.