Academic Enhancements

Academic enhancements are vital to SCC's ability to continue providing a low-cost, high-quality college opportunity to students. Some projects are funded through proceeds raised at events like Rhythm & Ribs and the Golf Scramble. Others are funded by individuals and corporations who have a passion for a specific field or career path.

Through this generosity, numerous departments on campus receive the resources they need to provide a high-quality learning environment that strengthens a student's ability to earn a degree. Below are just a handful of examples organized by college department:

For more information about these projects, other projects, or how to specialize a gift, contact the Foundation Department at 636-922-8278.

Division of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – Karen Jones, dean

Art received funding to continue their guest speaker series

This series brings artists to campus for students to learn from someone in the profession. Students will have the opportunity to meet the artists and have their work critiqued.

Instructional media received funding for motorized camera controls

Adding studio-type camera controls to the TV studio cameras will provide more realistic studio conditions that would be found in the workplace.

Photography received a lighting kit and Wacom tablets

With the lighting kit provided to the photography department, students at SCC will benefit from working in a studio that remains up-to-date with current technologies.

The Wacom graphic tablets enhanced the stations existing in the digital photography workspace. Students will be trained to use these in order to remain competitive in today's market.

Communications received funding to host a High School Speech Tournament

Students from local high schools will be invited to participate in a speech tournament on the SCC campus. Through the process, they will develop critical thinking and speaking skills. They will also receive exposure to the school which could encourage enrollment.

Division of Business, Science, Education, Math, and Computer Science – Dr. John Bookstaver – dean

Education received supplies and instructional DVDs

Professors in the education department will use the Modeling Student Engagement supplies to involve students in the learning process. After using active-learning techniques, students will reflect on the importance of creating an engaging environment and how they will implement this in the future.

In the Succeeding as a Teacher DVD series, future teachers will learn essential skills for managing their own classrooms.

Psychology received funding for clickers

The clickers will be used in the classrooms to enhance the student's classroom experience. Clickers increase participation by allowing every students the opportunity to engage in the topic. Presentation styles become more interactive and follow less of a lecture-format. Remaining anonymous through the use of clickers also encourages students to "speak up" if they don't understand a topic.

Division of Corporate & Community Development – Yvonne Wills, dean

Adult education and literacy received funding for technology

The two data projectors requested will allow every AEL classroom this technology. Instructors use this equipment to provide variation in teaching techniques. The requested 12 keyed electronic device locks will add instructional time to each class session because set-up and break-down will no longer be necessary.

Continuing education received funding for STEM Lego Robotics

The STEM Lego Robotics project will be offered as part of the College for All Kids program. Utilizing the Lego kits, students will enjoy using math and science concepts they know and build upon them to program the robots to walk, see, and hear.

Division of Business, Science, Education, Math, and Computer Science – Dr. John Bookstaver – dean

Math Department received funding to host another Area High School Math Tournament

The math tournament will bring potential students on campus to compete for awards, recognition, and the opportunity to advance to the state level.

Achieving Success in College Math
The Achieving Success in College Math program exists to inform middle and high school students about the importance of math and the impact of taking math during the senior year of high school on their future success in college – regardless of which college a student chooses to attend.

Student Development – Yvette Sweeney, dean of students

Academic and career enhancement (ACE) center received anatomical models

The SCC Foundation provided funding was provided for additional anatomical models at the ACE Center. Students who want to review the models outside of class-time are provided with this opportunity.

Students activities and the department of public safety received funding to host an Arrive Alive Tour presented by United International, LCC

Through simulations, students will experience the dangers and consequences of drunk-driving and texting while driving.

Student development received supplemental testing equipment

The accessibility services office will use equipment such as white-noise machines and calculators of various functions to update and enhance the testing conditions for students.

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