Employee Sponsored Program

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Welcome St. Charles Community College Employees!

If you already know about the Employee Sponsored Program (ESP), please download a pledge form. If you're a new employee or are interested in knowing where your money goes, please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our program. For as little as the cost of a soda or coffee, you can help ESP continue to make great things happen!

Our Purpose

The Employee Sponsored Program (ESP) began in 1995 and is funded by St. Charles Community College employees who believe in spreading compassion and good will to students, co-workers and the community.

What We Fund

Thanks to the generosity of employees, the ESP is able to fund:


The 2013 ESP Committee awarded 14 Scholarships totaling $14,000.

Recipients are chosen by the ESP Committee from applications received. The number of recipients varies depending on the funds available. The scholarships are renewable for one semester if the criteria are met by the recipient.

Campus Enhancements

This year's campus enhancement project will fund the purchase of trail markers for the campus walking trails.

Projects or programs that improve campus life for employees and students are reviewed and funded throughout the year per the ESP Committee. Past projects include the walking trail around the lake and the planter benches outside of FAB. Please email Jeff in the Foundation at jclobes@stchas.edu if you know of a project the ESP should consider.

Celebration of Life

Please send information to Jeff in the Foundation office at jclobes@stchas.edu, if you hear about one of the following:

  • Death in the family. A benevolent gift and note are sent to full-time employees who lose a spouse, sibling, child, parent, grandchild, or grandparent. If the employee is all right with the information being public knowledge, an all mail user email will be sent to the campus community.
  • Employee death. A benevolent gift will be sent to the family.
  • Birth announcement. A congratulatory all mail user email will be sent with information to the campus community.

Special Projects

Requests for equipment and/or program support that benefit SCC students and/or employees but do not fall under other categories are reviewed and approved by the employee committee. Past projects include a piano for Corporate and Community Development classes and classroom clickers for the psychology department.

Trivia Night

St. Charles Community College hosts a Trivia Night annually to raise funds for scholarships, campus enhancements and employee support initiatives. Learn more about SCC Trivia Night.

Joining or Renewing is Simple!

Download a pledge form, complete it and return it to the Foundation (SSB 2108) at any time throughout the year. As you will see on the form, employees may choose payroll deduction bi-weekly or a one-time payment by check or credit card. Employees are also able to designate their gifts to a specific fund based on individual preferences.

Contributions are tax deductible and can be stopped at any time by emailing Jeff Clobes at jclobes@stchas.edu or by contacting Trish Orf in payroll at torf@stchas.edu. A letter summarizing your contributions from Jan. 1-Dec. 31 will be mailed in the following year’s first quarter.


Employees who participate in the ESP program will receive:

  1. Thank you letter and small token of appreciation when the pledge form is returned.
  2. Name on the ESP donor plaque located in the lobby, outside the auditorium of the Daniel J. Conoyer Social Sciences Building.
  3. Listing in the SCC Foundation's annual report.
  4. End of the year donation receipt with annual program summary.
  5. Satisfaction knowing you are helping SCC transform lives and strengthen communities.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know so that we may honor that request.

Employee Committee

The ESP Employee Committee was created to manage the program and make decisions on behalf of the employees. It is made up of 10-15 current SCC employees. The committee is open to any SCC employee who is a current participant of the ESP.

Committee member responsibilities include:

  • Developing ways to encourage fellow employees to donate to the ESP.
  • Allocating funds to appropriate programs.
  • Informing members how monies are spent.
  • Recognizing employees who give.
  • Recruiting committee members.

If you are interested in becoming a committee member, email Betsy in the Foundation at eschneider@stchas.edu. New members are usually nominated and selected by current committee members. Members can serve up to three two-year terms.  From the current committee, one member will assume the role of committee chair for a term of one year. Terms run from July 1-June 30.