Foundation Board Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Attended: Chair Paul Ince, Dan Brown, Gaspare Calvaruso, Kelly Felber, Dianne Garrison, Tom Hebson, Paul Ince, Richard Jensen, Don Kalicak, John Laurent, Scott Lewis, Scott Liebel, Mike Lissner, Brenda Lowder, Justin Miller, Kent Munson, Jeanne Paxton, Seth Peimann, Chuck Pilliod, Sarah Roberts, Susan Spencer Staff: Dr. Ron Chesbrough, Tara Cochran, Kasey McKee, Betsy Schneider, Sharon Schreiber, Peggy Schreiner

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 a.m. A motion to approve the October 16, 2013, meeting minutes was made by Scott Liebel, seconded by Seth Peimann, and unanimously approved by the board.

  Welcome and Announcements:

  • The final Explore Event for this fiscal year is scheduled for Tuesday, April 29, at 7:30 a.m. in the Student Center Private Dining Room.  There are six people registered to attend.  Please consider attending or inviting anyone you know who would be interested in learning more about SCC and the positive impact the College makes on the community.  
  • Sarah Roberts was welcomed to the Board. She is the director of finance at UPS and is fulfilling Karl Jones’s term.

President's Report

  • Dr. Ron Chesbrough reported on the following:
    • He had a lunch with representatives from Pharma Medica Research, Inc.  Representatives flew in from Toronto yesterday specifically to tour our campus along with the new Nursing & Allied Health building. This represents a beginning of a very good relationship for SCC.
    • Dr. Chesbrough will be meeting with State Treasurer Clint Zweifel this morning and with Missouri Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer this afternoon for a tour of the campus.
    • The $2.7 million sales contract for the land across Mid Rivers Mall Drive from the SCC campus is in the due diligence period.
    • SCC is working in conjunction with Webster University to be the education provider to the military and their families in the Pacific Command. This is a government bid. We will know in about six months whether Webster has been awarded the contract. We would add 70,000 credit hours a year to what we currently offer of 60,000 credit hours a semester. This project will expand our footprint but will cost nothing to the taxpayers. 
    • We continue to refine the long-range planning action plans.
    • The lease agreement with the county to build a disc golf park is nearing completion. It is a $20 first year lease with a $10 a year lease thereafter.  The lease can be terminated at any time.
    • The Great Rivers Greenway trail ribbon cutting is scheduled for 2 p.m. on May 6.  Everyone is invited to attend. This trail was paid for entirely by Great Rivers Greenway.
    • Last summer and fall the College underwent an audit by the state. SCC received a “Good” rating.  The report can be viewed online at 
  • The new Friends & Alumni Coordinator, Peggy Schreiner, was introduced and welcomed to the group.  She has been working on the Countdown to Commencement Campaign which features a distinguished alumni every year at commencement.  This year’s distinguished alumni is Laura Helling who is the executive director of Wings of Hope.  Peggy is also working on a blog that will launch next week which will highlight stories of our students.  

FY15 Strategy

  • Paul Ince highlighted some topics from the Board Planning Retreat, including: the college’s strategic planning work being done and how the role of the Foundation fits in, the importance of maintaining 100% participation of Board members giving, and potential changes in our development strategy.  
  • Paul Ince presented the Foundation’s FY15 Annual Plan for approval. 
  • Betsy Schneider outlined the Annual Development Plan for the group to support the FY15 plan and budget. 
  • Seth Peimann presented the FY15 budget for approval. 
  • A motion to approve the FY15 plan and budget was made by Seth Peimann, and seconded by Don Kalicak, and unanimously approved by the Board. 

Board Development

  • Paul Ince congratulated Board members completing terms on the board: Sue Spencer completed her third; Seth Peimann completed his second; Jim Borchers and Justin Miller are completed their first.
  • Jeanne Paxton and Janet Dunham were elected to the Board by secret ballot. Congratulations and welcome!
  • This meeting served as the official call for officer nominations for those interested in serving as either Secretary or Member-at-Large. Voting will take place at the June meeting.  Nominations must be emailed to the Board Secretary Cindy Elking and the Foundation Executive Director Kasey McKee. 

FY14 Committee Reports

  • RHYTHM & RIBS: Scott Lewis updated the group on the happenings and food offerings for the 5th annual Rhythm & Ribs fundraiser. The event is scheduled for Thursday, June 5. The goal for this year is $52,600.  New this year, Tom Wootten donated ad space in the Whitmore Times, and the Winghaven and Lake St. Louis subdivision publications in April and May. KTRS has signed on as the media sponsor for the event.  Brenda Lowder suggested talking with Smash of the Smash Band about giving Rhythm & Ribs a shout-out at the Cinco De Mayo event he is performing the week before.
  • FINANCE: Seth Peimann reported the FY14 total revenue as of March 31 is $128,589. The Finance Committee met with Acropolis to review our investment policy statement. No recommendation for changes is being made at this time. The RFP for the Foundation treasury services has been delayed. Betsy passed around a handout showing the Prospect Pipeline Report 
  • SCHOLARSHIPS & MINI-GRANTS: John Laurent thanked the Scholarship Committee, Betsy, Tara and Sharon for their work on ranking and scoring the applicants.  There were 89 very qualified and inspirational applicants to look through. The committee will convene to allocate the Foundation’s $10,000 scholarship allocation. 
  • GOLF SCRAMBLE: Justin Miller and Kelly Felber reminded everyone that the scramble is Monday, September 29 at Old Hickory Golf Course.  The goal is to raise $39,500 with 136 golfers.  The first mailings will go out to previous attendees to remind them to complete their registration forms.  Committee members will continue to work behind the scenes. 
  • CAREER EXPLORATIONS: Kasey McKee updated the group on the PreK-14 Partnership team that has been assembled with the in-district and rural school districts coming together to talk about curriculum alignment and career aspiration opportunities. The career exploration subgroup is looking to created a centralized database of professionals who are willing to volunteer their time for job shadowing and mentoring. A brief was drafted on how to build a centralized database and get it funded. This business plan will be shared with this Board in the next 6-12 months for feedback. Don Kalicak suggested contacting Amanda Sizemore as she is involved with the EDC and Partners for Progress’s work on developing a set of recommendations focused on recruiting and retaining the millennium and boomer generations in the county.

Other Business

  • Invite someone to the final Explore event. Buy your tickets and invite your friends to Rhythm & Ribs.

The next general Foundation Board meeting is Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 7:30 a.m. in the SSB Board Room.

On a motion by Scott Peimann and a second by Sue Spencer, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 a.m.