MAT 121 Intermediate Algebra

Exit Skills for Math 121

  1. Graph lines, find the slope of a line, write equations of lines and solve their applications.
  2. Determine whether a relation is a function, perform operations with functions, and determine domain and range of functions.
  3. Solve 2 x 2 linear systems using graphing, substitution and elimination.
  4. Solve 3 x 3 linear systems using elimination.
  5. Perform set operations.
  6. Solve absolute value equations and inequalities.
  7. Graph linear inequalities in two variables.
  8. Add, subtract, multiply and divide radicals.
  9. Simplify radicals and rationalize denominators including higher roots.
  10. Solve equations containing one and two radicals.
  11. Simplify expressions using rules for rational exponents.
  12. Add, subtract, multiply and divide complex numbers.
  13. Solve quadratic equations and their applications using completing the square, square root property and the quadratic formula.
  14. Solve equations of quadratic form.
  15. Graph quadratic functions.
  16. Use the distance and midpoint formulas.
  17. Write the equation of a circle in standard form and graph circles.
  18. Graph exponential and logarithmic functions.
  19. Solve basic exponential and logarithmic equations.
  20. Evaluate logarithms and use properties of logarithms to expand expressions or write as a single logarithm.

Additional Exit Skills for MAT 121 – Combined

  1. Determine the composition of functions.
  2. Determine the inverse of a function.

Additional Exit Skills for MAT 121 – Traditional

  1. Add, subtract, multiply and divide rational expressions and solve equations involving them.
  2. Graph linear equations and inequalities in two variables.
  3. Find the slope of a line and use it to find an equation of the line.

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