MAT 108 Understanding K-8 Mathematics

Exit Skills for Understanding K-8 Mathematics (MAT 108) 

Students who successfully complete Math 108 will meet the following objectives:

  1. Number and Operations
    1. Recognize and convert among equivalent representations of the same number.
    2. Justify and calculate using non-standard algorithms.
    3. Explain and apply the meaning of the = sign.
    4. Calculate reasonable estimates of complex calculations.
    5. Use properties of real number operations to rearrange and/or simplify indicated operation(s) for mental calculation.
    6. Compare and contrast estimation and mental math and discuss when each is appropriate.
  2. Algebraic Relationships
    1. Recognize a linear function from its graph, table of values, equation or description.
    2. Model and solve problems that yield linear, inverse or exponential functions.
    3. Distinguish between linear and non-linear relationships.
    4. Compare, contrast and generalize patterns represented graphically or numerically using both explicit and recursive definitions.
    5. Use Bar modeling to solve word problems.
  3. Geometric and Spatial Relationships
    1. Solve problems using the Pythagorean Theorem.
    2. Reposition shapes under formal transformations.
    3. Recognize, categorize and describe symmetry with respect to a line, point or angle of rotation.
  4. Measurement
    1. Analyze precision and accuracy in measurement situations by determining the number of significant digits.
  5. Data and Probability
    1. Formulate questions, design studies and examine data about a characteristic.
    2. Compare and contrast different representations of the same data, including graphs and measures of center.
    3. Determine measures of Center and spread (Mean, median, mode, outliers, range, interquartile range) of data.
    4. Create stem and leaf plots of data.
    5. Create box and whisker plots from the five-number summary of data.
    6. Conjecture about possible relationships between two characteristics of a sample and/or the results of experiments.

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