MAT 098 Beginning Algebra

Exit Skills for Math 098 

  1. Review fractions, order of operations, simplifying expressions, real numbers and the number line, real number operations and real number properties.
  2. Solve linear equations and their applications.
  3. Solve linear inequalities and their applications.
  4. Graph linear equations in two variables on the coordinate plane.
  5. Simplify expressions using the properties of exponents.
  6. Express numbers in scientific notation and perform calculations.
  7. Add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials.
  8. Factor polynomials (GCF, grouping, trinomials and special product forms).
  9. Solve quadratic equations and their applications.
  10. Add, subtract, multiply and divide rational expressions.
  11. Solve equations with rational expressions and their applications.

Additional Exit Skills for MAT 098 – Combined

  1. Find the slope of a line.
  2. Write an equation of a line.
  3. Simplify complex fractions.

Additional Exit Skills for MAT 098 – Traditional

  1. Find the solution to a system of linear equations.
  2. Simplify and perform operations with radical expressions (square roots).
  3. Solve quadratic equations by using the quadratic formula.

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