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Background Check Procedures

Background Checks

Students enrolled in the following classes are required to have a background check.

  • EDU 210 (Teaching Profession with Field Experience), 
  • EDU 211 (Foundations of Education), or 
  • EDU 244 (Physical Education for the Elementary Grades) 

Students enrolled in these classes are required to observe classes in K-12 schools. School districts require that anyone working directly with children have a background check before entering the school. 

See our frequently asked questions page for detailed information.

State Licensing Appeal Process

The Missouri State Board of Education will not award a teaching certificate to any individual who has been convicted of a felony until the individual has made a direct appeal to the state board and been awarded an exception. Therefore, anyone with a felony conviction is automatically locked out of any classes that require them to go on site at a school until after a successful appeal. For students with a felony arrest or misdemeanor arrest/conviction, we advise students that, were they to get a teaching certificate, their applications for teaching positions would go to the bottom of the pile of applicants. Also, we do not send them out to observe/participate in local K-12 classrooms through the SCC Education Program until the district is aware of the problematic background check and has approved their contact with students.

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