Winter's Bone

Attend Guest Speaker Daniel Woodrell’s reading  And/or

Attend the campus screening of Winter’s Bone

General Education Capstone Course

Event/Experience Details and Guideline Form

Category: Humanities

SCC Competency Addressed by event: 

Evaluate the historical, cultural and social contents of philosophy, literature or language.

Articulate an informed response to popular or classical works in the humanities.

Guidelines for accomplishment of event:

  1. Choose to attend the campus screening of Winter’s Bone and/or the reading by author Daniel Woodrell. Your understanding of the film will being greatly enhanced by listening to the author’s thoughts and vice versa.
  2. After viewing the film, it is appropriate to consult the Internet Movie Database website [] to refresh your memory of the character’s names and direct quotes that may be needed to answer later questions.
  3. After attending the reading and/or film, locate the definition of “social realism.” Using information gained from the film and/or speaker, address the following questions:
    1. How is “social realism” an appropriate way to describe Winter’s Bone and the content of Woodrell’s writing?
    2. Is there a specific character who is presented with very limited resources? Who is this character and what are his/her options?
    3. Can you brainstorm resources that may benefit the kind of community written about by Woodrell?  Internet research may help you find community resources that are available in rural or poverty stricken areas.
    4. As a conclusion, reflect on the place this event has in an academic environment. Did you learn anything from the speaker and/or film? How has it enhanced your understanding of the place humanities holds in education?
    5. Proper MLA citation of the movie, speaker, research required.

Event creator: Jayme Blandford