Visit an Ethnic Restaurant

General Education Capstone Course

Event Details and Guideline Form

Event title: Experience Culture in an Authentic Ethnic Restaurant

General Education category event should be listed under: Multicultural Valuing

SCC competency addressed by event:

  • MCV: Consider multiple perspectives inherent in other cultures, recognize distinctive viewpoints and biases, deal with ambiguity, and articulate an informed position
  • MCV: Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices/products and perspectives of the cultures studied
  • HOT: Analyze and synthesize information from a variety of sources and apply the results to resolving complex situations
  • MI: Frame appropriate questions and recognize the need for information

Guidelines for accomplishment of event:
Survey ethnic restaurants available in the greater St. Louis Area. The goal is to attend an “authentic” (not Americanized) ethnic restaurant. After choosing a possible destination, follow the guidelines below carefully:

  1. Research the country of origin for the restaurant in terms of history and culture. **Do not use encyclopedias, particularly Wikipedia for this step. You must use specialized books or journals and cite them correctly in your journal essay. Then focus on the role food plays in the social structure, the traditions of food selection, preparation and service. How are the cultural values reflected in family life, celebrations and holidays.
  2. Research the restaurant itself using the public website as well as reviews of the restaurants by chefs, journalists and the public. Document these sources accurately in your journal/essay.  **You must demonstrate the authenticity of the restaurant in this project by including this research in your journal essay. A basic review of the food is not the objective of this project**
  3. Visit the restaurant for a meal. Call ahead and make reservations. Observe how the culture and history of the country is reflected in the design, décor, music, costumes, language (spoken, written) and dishes served. If a copy of the menu is available, keep this as documentation.
  4. Interview an owner, manager, host, waitress who is from the country/culture. Ask how the establishment, chefs, and servers, reflect authentic food and culture in their restaurant.
  5. Write the event essay, reflecting the above steps, remembering that you are using this experience to learn about the country and culture. **Attach copies of the Web sites, articles, etc you used and cited in your event journal.

(An example of an authentic Chinese restaurant used by past Capstone students is Lulu’s on Olive Blvd. However, you may not use this example in your journal entry. You must find a restaurant and do the above research to establish the authenticity)

SCC event creator: Professor Gayle Feng-Checkett


Did essay fulfill SCC competency? _____ YES     _____ NO     _____ PARTIALLY 

Did essay fulfill event guidelines? _____ YES      _____ NO     _____ PARTIALLY