Edward Albee's The Zoo Story

General Education Capstone Course

Event Details and Guideline Form

Attend The American Theatre Festival's performance of Edward Albee's The Zoo Story.

Humanities Competencies:
Demonstrate an awareness of the range of works in the Humanities.
Articulate an informed response to popular or classical works in the humanities.

Guidelines for accomplishment of event:

1) Before attending the performance, visit one or both of the following sites concerning The American Theatre Festival. There, you will find the performance dates, the location of the performance and information about the play.

2) Attend the performance. The performance is free for SCC students.
Running time: approximately 1 hour

3) Write a 2-page, double-spaced response to the play. Please do the following in your response:

A. Briefly summarize the plot, characters, and setting of the play, in one paragraph.

B. Pick TWO of the following questions, and spend the rest of your paper answering them.
Visit one or both of the following websites for help formulating your response:

    1. Briefly summarize the characters of Peter and Jerry. Consider their life situations, values, experiences, etc. How do they differ? Who or what do Peter and Jerry represent, in your opinion?
    2. Why, do you think, is the play called The Zoo Story? What are the metaphorical bars or cages found in the play or in the society depicted in the play? Considering their life situations, how are both Jerry and Peter trapped in cages or separated from one another?
    3. Comment on the animal imagery in the play. Do the characters become animals, during the course of the play? Who behaves like an animal in the play?
    4. Explain Jerry's story about the dog. Why, do you think, does Jerry tell Peter the story?
    5. What is the play’s message about communication and human contact? Is it possible, according to the play?
    6. Analyze the ending of the play. Do you think Jerry is trying to teach Peter a lesson?

SCC event creator: Heather Rodgers