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  • Kevin Michael Connolly's The Rolling Exhibition: A Snapshot of Curiosity

Kevin Michael Connolly's The Rolling Exhibition: A Snapshot of Curiosity

General Education Capstone Course

Event Details and Guideline Form

Event Title: Kevin Michael Connolly's The Rolling Exhibition: A Snapshot of Curiosity

7 p.m. Sept. 24, 2013
SSB Auditorium 

Gen. Ed. Category Event should be listed under:  Humanities

SCC Competency addressed by event:

  • Articulate a personal response to popular or classical works in the humanities.
  • Obtain information from a variety of sources and be able to critically analyze and evaluate the information for accuracy and relevance.

Guidelines for accomplishment of event:

Kevin Connolly was born in Helena, Montana, in August of 1985. Born without legs, Kevin was otherwise a healthy baby and grew up like any other Montana kid – getting dirty, running in the woods and getting dirty some more. Now, Kevin wants to take you into his world.

Kevin is an adventurer, author and star of Travel Channel’s “Armed & Ready.” He talks about his international adventures, traveling to over 27 countries on a skateboard and taking photos of people staring at him. His presentation challenges students to question their preconceived notions and the human nature to be curious. 

Write a 3-page minimum examination of your experience including both the presentation and include a discussion of the work that you have encountered.

  • Attend the presentation at 7 p.m. on Sept. 24, 2013,
 in the SSB Auditorium and take notes throughout the experience as well as document the artist’s own words. (You will want to incorporate what he says into to your description of the work.)
  • Visit the artist’s websites. Read the Artist Statement & Bio
  • Without judgment, describe Kevin Connolly’s presentation beyond the obvious description of the event above and his artistic voice.
  • Describe Kevin Connolly’s photographic work in terms of its formal visual elements.
  • Breakdown and describe the organization of the compositions that you can see throughout the work? Describe what you see. (line, shape, color, texture, value, repetition, balance, angle of view, rhythm, etc.)
  • What is the subject matter in the work? The person, place, or thing in the work?
  • Describe the content of the images considering the message, mood, secret, or question that can be sensed or observed? How do the photographs communicate this?
  • Attempt to interpret this content and compare the gazes that are illustrated in this work…
    • First, imagine that you are the photographer and the images that you are seeing in these picture frames are in fact your experiences seen from your own eyes. Put yourself fully into the shoes of this experience and in as much detail as possible imagine your emotional and intellectual reactions to the reactions of other human beings around you. You can include other sensory perceptions as well like sound, smell, touch, etc.
    • Then, in as much detail as you can switch roles and describe as empathetically as possible what it is like to see this young photographer pointing a camera at your awkward and possibly startled reaction. What might be going through your mind? Does it upset you that your unthinking reactions may have been recorded for public consumption and discussion? How does this feel to you?
  • How do you personally respond to the voice that you hear in the work? Does it remind you of anything? What is your opinion regarding the process of how the images were collected?
  • Tell us whether or not you find the work to be successful, regardless of your personal comfort level, beliefs, opinions, or taste but rather based on the information that you have gathered and analyzed above. Substantiate your judgment with carefully considered observations. You are also welcome to include professional opinions from publications and reviews as well as other sources. 

SCC Event Creator: Kathleen Sanker 


Did essay fulfill SCC competency? □ YES             □ NO             □ PARTIALLY

Did essay fulfill event guidelines? □ YES               □ NO