Academic and Student Affairs Division Structure

The Academic & Student Affairs structure, outlined below, acknowledges that all members of the Academic & Student Affairs Division are representatives of the college. Therefore, all members participate through distinct levels of responsibilities in governing the academic and student activities of the college.

Office of Academic and Student Affairs

  • Chris Breitmeyer, vice-president for academic and student affairs
  • Dr. Mike Dompierre, assistant vice-president for academic and student affairs
  • Eileen Schnelle, administrative assistant
  • Vicki Skiles, administrative assistant
  • Linda Shipley, scheduling coordinator
  • Vicky Teson, academic & student affairs specialist

Division of Learning Resources and Academic Support – Dr. Stephanie Tolson, dean

  • Gwen Bell, administrative secretary
  • Joanne Hare, administrative secretary

Division of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – Karen Jones, dean

  • Shannon Beahan, division office coordinator
  • Karen Murray, division office coordinator
  • Margaret O'Dea, division office coordinator

Department of English & Literature

  • Jacqueline Gray, chair

Humanities and Performing & Visual Arts

[Art, Communications, ESL, Foreign Language, Graphic Design, Music, Philosophy, Reading, and Theater]

  • Christine Holtz, art gallery coordinator
  • Alison Ouellette-Kirby, art department chair
  • Lee Ann Nelson, speech/communication department chair
  • Denise McCracken, foreign language and global studies department chair
  • Kathleen Sanker, graphic design department chair
  • Gene Ditch, music department chair
  • Dawn Huffman, ESL department chair
  • Jane Wright, capstone coordinator
  • Isaac Ruedin, philosophy department chair
  • Kathleen Daugherty, reading department chair
  • Lonna Wilke, theater department chair

Department of Social Sciences

[Criminal Justice, Geography, History, Human Services, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science and Psychology]

  • Dr. Dave Van Mierlo, criminal justice department chair
  • Sylvia Malta, human services department chair
  • Debra Crank-Lewis, history department chair
  • Ron Pettus, political science department chair
  • Ellen Wilson, geography department chair 
  • Mitch Harden, psychology department chair
  • Vicky Herbel, sociology department chair
  • William Griffin, anthropology department chair 

Division of Business, Science, Education, Math, and Computer Science – Dr. John Bookstaver, dean

  • Phyllis Marchand, division office coordinator
  • Vicki Remington, division office coordinator
  • Ronda Sackett, office assistant
  • Ginny Tiller, division office coordinator

Department of Business and Computer Science

[Accounting, Business Technology, Business/Management/Marketing, Computer Science and Economics]

  • Joe Hartnett, business department chair
  • Anna Boulware, accounting department chair
  • Bruce Welz/Lauren Dickens, economics department chairs
  • Nancy Graviett, business technology department chair
  • Mike Fuszner, computer science-networking department chair
  • Rex McKanry, computer science & coordinating department chair
  • Jane O'Donnell, computer science-multimedia department chair

Department of Computer Aided Drafting & Pre-Engineering

  • David Niermann, computer aided drafting & pre-engineering department chair

Department of Education

  • Dr. Nicole Nunn-Faron, education department chair
  • Kathy Drews, child care/early education department chair

Department of Mathematics

  • Joe Howe, transfer math department chair
  • Callie Daniels, developmental math department chair

Department of Sciences

[Biology, Chemistry and Physical Science]

  • Monica Hall-Woods, biology & coordinating department chair
  • Jane Matheney-Rood, physical science department chair
  • Beth Michael-Smith, chemistry department chair

Department of Physical Education & Wellness

  • Brenda Hollrah, physical education and college center coordinator

Division of Nursing & Allied Health – Amy Koehler, interim dean

  • Denise Lammers, division office coordinator
  • Kerry Thompson, registration assistant

Department of Nursing & Allied Health

[Associate Degree Nursing, Practical Nursing, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Health Information Technology, and Health Occupations]

  • Amy Koehler, associate degree nursing department chair
  • Jennifer Bussen, associate degree nursing assistant chair
  • Dianna Knuckles, practical nursing program coordinator
  • Jennie Whitlock, practical nursing program coordinator
  • Francie Woods, occupational therapy assistant department chair
  • Kathleen Nilson, health information technology department chair
  • Sue Propper, health occupations coordinator

Division of Corporate & Community Development – Amanda Sizemore, dean

  • Wendy Brown, registration assistant
  • Marybeth Mason, evening coordinator
  • Maureen Miles, office coordinator
  • Kelly Sommer, accounting assistant

Continuing Education

  • Brisby Andrews, Young People's Theatre Director
  • Amy Fitzwilliam, project coordinator
  • Tina Sieker, associate dean
  • Kathy Stearns, program specialist

Adult Education & Literacy

  • Jeanette Boria, project coordinator
  • Patricia Boxdorfer, AEL coordinator
  • Ingrid Casillo, Lead AEL instructor
  • Sonja Mugler, administrative secretary
  • Mandy Rose, associate dean
  • Gail Voss, Lead AEL instructor

Northeast Correctional Center/Bowling Green

  • Larry Wolgast, education supervisor
  • James Sparks, assistant education supervisor

Workforce Development 

  • Fay Aubuchon, associate dean of workforce programs & services
  • Tammie De Los Santos, associate dean of college/career readiness
  • Joy Dufrain, project coordinator
  • Lisa Scott, office supervisor

Dislocated Worker Program

  • Lauri Gray-Stoewsand, manager

Enrollment Services – Kathy Brockgreitens-Gober, dean

[Admissions, Academic Advising, Assessment Center, Student Records and Financial Assistance]

  • Kathy Brockgreitens-Gober, dean
  • Mary Jo Grimm, student outreach coordinator
  • Cassandra Hagan, financial assistance manager
  • Kati Karleskint, student outreach coordinator
  • Michelle Killeen, international student coordinator
  • Jennifer Lansdowne, associate dean
  • Brian Legate, enrollment services systems & project manager

Student Success – Beth Finders, dean 

[Accessibility Services, Career Services, College Development (COL 101), Mental Health Counseling, and Student Activities]

  • Pam Bova, accessibility services manager
  • Teresa Drury, administrative secretary
  • Christie Jackson, mental health counselor
  • Kelley Pfeiffer, student activities manager & COL 101
  • Martha Toebben, career services manager
  • TBA, mental health case manager

Athletics Department – Chris Gober, director

[Baseball, Softball, Men's and Women's Soccer]

  • Kathleen Berhorst, assistant women's soccer coach
  • Patrick Clooney, assistant baseball coach
  • John Crowley, assistant men's soccer coach
  • Chris Gober, head baseball coach
  • Thomas Kearns, men's soccer coach
  • Michelle Patrico, head softball coach
  • Keri Schmidt, assistant softball coach
  • Josh Tyler, women's soccer coach
  • Becky Witt, administrative secretary

Division of Technology and Online Learning Support – Bill Strecker, associate vice president

  • Jerry Bauer, director of administrative computing
  • Alane Breitmeyer, instructional designer
  • Angie Hampel, division office coordinator
  • Lisa Mouser, director of academic computing
  • Dave Willmore, learning management systems administrator

Instructional Media Department

  • Mike Dunkus, instructional media assistant
  • Bob Gill, manager
  • Jason Wathen, instructional media specialist


Office Info


Daniel J. Conoyer
Social Sciences Building (SSB)
Room 2110


Eileen Schnelle
Administrative Assistant

Vicki Skiles
Administrative Assistant