Today's Events

September 16

"Pot in Missouri?"

Paul Roesler, professor of political science, will discuss the trend towards legalization around the U.S. He will explore the impact of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington and the prospects of legalizing it in Missouri.

SCC Democracy...

September 16

Fontbonne University Transfer Visit

Transfer counselors will be available to assist students and provide information about the transfer process.

September 16

"Discussing Slavery in America: Interdisciplinary Analysis of 12 Years a Slave"

An interdisciplinary panel discussion about the recent film 12 Years a Slave and the impact of slavery on America.  Multiple perspectives will be presented, including history, political science, sociology and more.


September 16

"Fracking and Democracy"

Hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") is a method of gas and oil extraction which has raised serious concerns about damage to the environment and about the power of corporations in American life.

Michael Kuelker, professor of English, looks in particular...

September 16

ESL 107 Workshop

This workshop will cover dependent clauses and adding information to sentences.

Hosted by Meredith Struebing, learning specialist for ESL. 

September 16

"Propaganda in American Film"

Propaganda is used to present a one-sided explanation of events and encourage a person to adopt a certain political position.  Despite the term's negative connotation, propaganda has been used by virtually every political movement in U.S. history...

September 16

Student Senate Meeting