There’s no need to fear the term NETWORKING. 

Do you talk to friends every day?   Do you see relatives once in awhile and talk?  Do you have a good relationship with one of your teachers? Do you visit a restaurant, hair salon, coffee shop or other establishment regularly and casually chat with the same people?  This is your network.  Each of these people has a potential contact who might have the perfect job for you – just begin to tell them what you are looking for and watch some doors and windows open.   


Networking in Person                                    

The easiest way to get a job interview is to talk to your friends, relatives, neighbors and acquaintances.

 Up to 65% of all seekers find jobs through people they know.

  1. Create a one-minute sales pitch about yourself.  Include:

    1. The type of work or position you are seeking.
    2. Your skills, education and accomplishments that would enable you to succeed with this type of position.
  2. Tell people that you are in the job market.  Ask if they know of someone looking for your skills.
  3. If your contact knows of an opening, ask him to give your resume to the hiring manager or ask if you can use his name when applying.
  4. If no one knows of an opening, ask for a referral to a person who might have a job lead.
  5. Contact referrals quickly after receiving their names.
  6. Present yourself well to any contact or referral.
    1. Show interest in their work and field.
    2. Be positive, friendly, polite and organized.
    3. Be open to learning.
  7. Write a personal thank-you note to anyone who has helped you.

Starting Your Network

Consider these people; How might they help you?



Reasons to contact










SCC Alumni



Work Associates



Religious/Community Organizations



Fraternity/Sorority Alumni



Clubs and Sports