Networking - Practice Telephone Script

  1. Call a friend.

    "Hi, Mark. I have a favor to ask and I'm wondering if you could help."
  2. Say exactly what you are looking for.

    "I'm looking for a CAD job."
  3. Ask if they know of any job openings.

    "Do you know of anyone who is looking for a full-time drafter?"
  4. Get the name and phone number.

    "That's Craig Miller at Orchard Metallic Design?"
  5. Ask for information about the person.

    "How long have you known him? Is he the person who would hire a new employee?"
  6. Get a recommendation.

    "Could I tell him that you gave me his name to ask about a possible job opening?"
  7. Ask if they might be able to set up an interview.

    "If I give you my resume, could you give it to Mr. Miller and ask if he would be willing to talk to me about a job?"
  8. Show your gratitude.

    "Wow. Thanks so much."
  9. Follow up.

    After the interview, let your friend know how it went.