Websites and social contact methods like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. are some ways to communicate with people you know and to interact with others who might lead you to a job.

These types of media are evolving daily and employers are using them more and more to communicate with potential workers and to discover information about candidates.

Things to do:

  1. Google yourself to see what potential employers can also find.  Are you putting your best face forward?  Revise your profiles to be as professional as possible.
  2. Communicate to potential employers through their blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts.
    a.  Look on the job boards of Facebook and other social network websites for leads.
    b.  “Friend” people who work in organizations or in jobs that interest you.
    c.  Update your “status” frequently to show your enthusiasm for a particular company or job.
  3. Join work related sites like, or SimplyHired.
  4. Network at your computer!