2013-2014 Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Members

Beth Finders (chair) Dean of Student Success Room 1104, Social Sciences Bldg. 636-922-8259 bfinders@stchas.edu
Lisa Stoner Associate Professor, Psychology Room 1104, Social Sciences Bldg. 636-922-8262 lstoner@stchas.edu
Robert Ronkoski Chief of Police Room 104, Campus Services Bldg. 636-922-8604 rronkoski@stchas.edu
Christie Jackson, LPC,  SCC Mental Health Counselor Room 1204, Administration Bldg. 636-922--8571 cjackson@stchas.edu
Kelley Pfeiffer Student Activities Manager Room 102, College Center 636-922-8544 kpfeiffer@stchas.edu
Karen Jones Academic Dean Room 203, Humanities Bldg. 636-922-8258 kjones@stchas.edu 
Teresa Drury Administrative Secretary Room 202, College Center 636-922-8536 tdrury@stchas.edu
Jennifer Lansdowne Associate Dean of Enrollment Services Room 1204, Administration Bldg. 636-922-8477 jlansdowne@stchas.edu
Michelle Killeen International Student Coordinator Room 1113, Administration Bldg. 636-922-8566 mkilleen@stchas.edu

Ad hoc members included when appropriate. Other SCC community members will be contacted as needed by the BIT on a case-by-case basis.