Getting Started in Distance Learning Courses

How do I enroll?

Register and pay for your distance learning courses as you would any traditional SCC course – either in person, by mail or through SCC Connection online registration. If you feel that you are not proficient at computer or Internet use, you may wish to take a non-credit personal computer class such as MIC 103-30 (Introduction to PCs) or MIC 122-30 (Mastering the Internet) prior to enrolling in an online class. For more information, contact the Division of Corporate and Community Development at 636-922-8233.

What do I do after I enroll?

  • View the orientation letter for your course found on the appropriate meeting time page.
  • Purchase your textbooks and study guides from the campus Bookstore in person, online or by telephone and have them mailed for an additional charge. Be sure to mention you are in a distance learning course since textbooks sometimes vary from on-campus classes. 
  • Obtain your student I.D. This will be necessary to check out materials from the library. 
  • Check out the videotapes/CDs from the college library for your teleweb, video or telecourse. See our library hours.
  • If a face-to-face orientation is offered, you are expected to attend. Here, you will meet your facilitator and review course expectations and schedules. Note: Some instructors may provide orientation alternatives. See Distance Learning course schedules (in menu at left) to find out information about orientations. If you have questions, contact the Distance Learning Office at 636-922-8470. 
  • When taking a teleweb or video course, view your televised or videotaped lessons and read the lecture notes on the Internet. 
  • Read your assigned work. 
  • Do your assignments. Be aware of due dates, postmark dates or transmission dates when work is due to your instructor or facilitator. 
  • Contact your instructor or facilitator if you have any questions or problems. 
  • Use the support services available to you, including the ACE Center and the Library.
  • Take the mid-term and final exams; a visit to campus may be required.
  • Enjoy the success of a distance learning class!