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Computer science is one of the fastest growing professional occupations in the nation. There is a high demand for people in this field including computer programmers, database managers, network administrators, hardware specialists, telecommunications specialists, multimedia and Web designers.

St. Charles Community College offers both one-year certificate programs and two-year Associate of Applied Science degrees in many areas of computer expertise. These courses of study prepare students for the fast-paced and highly active world of computer science.

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Careers in Computer Science

Five of the 30 occupations projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow the fastest by 2016 are related to information technology (IT).

Students, parents and counselors may not recognize IT career potential because of the dot-com failures from the late '90s and inaccurate media reports about all IT-related jobs going to India.

IT and innovation have kept the U.S. economy a leader in the global marketplace. For that to continue, the United States must work to revitalize the appropriate candidates. The United States faces a challenge in the global economy. Many countries are more successful in educating and training their upcoming workforce in the skills being demanded.

Employers have a strong need for IT professionals who have a combination of technical and business-related skills.

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