Painting with Soft Pastels

Instructor: Linda Wilmes
Feb. 2014

(*prices subject to change)

  • One set Prismacolor, 48 stick soft pastels, $56.19 (available at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff), or Artists' Loft 48 piece set at Michaels, $39.99 (use coupon for up to 40% off).
  • One pad of Canson Mi Tientes asstd. color pastel paper, 12 x 16, 24 sheets, $9.19, or 11 x 14 estimated size.
  • A board (styrofoam or masonite) to tape paper to, $3.
  • Extra paper to cover finished painting for transporting home.
  • Masking tape 3/4”, $.60.
  • Wet ones or baby wipes, $1.
  • One piece of medium grit sandpaper, $1.
  • Small container of Isopropyl Alcohol, $.40.
  • One small 1/4” flat inexpensive painting brush, $1.

*Estimated cost of supplies $ 72.69

Latex gloves to protect hands.

The pastels will last for years, and are archival, to produce many paintings.

Also, bring a drop cloth or other cloth to cover the floor, to collect fallen dust.