Intermediate Watercolors

Instructor: Shirley Nachtrieb
June 2013

  • Sheets 140 lb. Arches cold pressed watercolor paper 22x30, torn into fourths and placed in 2-gallon zip-lock bag.
  • 1-16x20 freezer wrapped cardboard secured with masking tape on all sides.
  • 1 – ½ gallon plastic water pail
  • Winsor Newton paints: burnt sienna, Winsor red, permanent rose, Winsor yellow, New Gamboge, Antwerp blue and French ultramarine blue (Dick Blick, Art Mart, Hobby Lobby).  Please don’t substitute.
  • Pencil, kneaded eraser, masking tape
  • Brushes: 1” flat synthetic wash, 2” flat wash brush, assorted synthetic rounds, stripers or your favorites, bevel-handled palette knife.
  • Brush holder
  • Jon Pike palette with lid (Cheap Joes Art Stuff, check online).
  • Table salt, paper towels, fine water mister (check in the travel section at the grocery store).
  • Hair dryer
  • Three-ring binder with plastic page protectors
  • Exploring Color book by Nita Leland.
  • Masking fluid or frisket (fluid in a bottle)
  • Drawing tablet about 11 x 14, white paper