Degree & Certificate Detail

Degree Name: Computer Science - Multimedia C.A.
Degree or Program: Computer Science
Degree Type: Certificate of Achievement

Multimedia has changed the way America works!  You will learn the fundamentals of multimedia authoring and design using the latest programs on the market leading to entry-level positions.

Multimedia developers produce and develop CD-ROMs, online training, kiosks and media development using video, audio, programming, animations and graphics.

General Education Requirements
Must Include:

CPT 115 Introduction to Data Processing 3  
Required Computer Science Courses   6
CPT 106 PC Operating Systems 3  
CPM 120 Windows Multimedia 3  
Additional Courses for Multimedia Option (choose 4)   12
CPM 170 Computer Graphics 3  
CPM 190 Dynamic Programming Languages 3  
CPM 210 Digital Photo Editing (Adobe Photoshop) 3  
CPM 220 3D Animation (Sketchup) 3  
CPM 250 Web Animation (Flash) 3  
CPM 260 Content Management Systems (CMS) 3  
CPM 270 Digital Video Editing (Adobe Premiere) 3  
Total Required Hours   30

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