Degree & Certificate Detail

Degree Name: Economics Transfer Program Schedule Guide
Degree or Program: Economics
Degree Type: Associate of Arts Degree
First Semester      
ENG 101 English Composition I 3  
MAT 160 College Algebra 4  
  Social Science (Group I) 3  
  Humanities (Group I) 3  
  Social Science -- ECO 110 3  
COL 101 College Success Seminar
  TOTAL   17
Second Semester      
ENG 102 English Composition II 3  
  MAT 180 or MAT 210 or Foreign Language 101 or other course(s) in major for transfer institution+ 4-5  
  Humanities (Group II) 3  
  Social Science -- ECO 120 3  
SPE 101 Oral Communication 3  
  TOTAL   16-17
Third Semester      
  MAT 230 or Foreign Language 102 or other course(s) in major for transfer institution+ 4-5  
  Multicultural/Valuing 3  
  Natural Science (Group I) 3-4  
ECO 220 Money and Banking 3  
  TOTAL   13-15
Fourth Semester      
  MAT 240 or Foreign Language 201 or other course(s) in major for transfer institution+ 4-5  
  Humanities 3  
  Natural Science (Group II) 3-4  
  Computer Science Requirement 3  
COL 299 Sophomore Portfolio Assessment 1  
  TOTAL   14-16
Total Hours Required for Graduation   64

+Most universities require three semesters in one foreign language for a Bachelor of Arts Degree. MAT 210 is recommended for students earning a Bachelor of Science Degree. In addition, the calculus sequence is recommended for students planning to continue on to graduate school.

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The following academic areas of study are included in the College Transfer Program:

Select an area of study and see a schedule guide. These two-year guides are suggestions to help students in developing their own educational plans. Individual courses may in most cases be taken in different semesters, or the whole program may be stretched out over more than four semesters.