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English/Literature Course Descriptions

ENG 095   Developmental Writing I ...   3

Prerequisites: Writing Placement Score 1-2/Place in RDG 092 or higher.

Remediates basic writing weaknesses such as basic grammar and sentence structure. Focus on construction of developed paragraphs. Course is ungraded and may be repeated.

ENG 096   Developmental Writing II ...   3

Prerequisites: Placement or ENG 095 with pass grade

Pre-college-level writing class focusing on basic writing skills. Includes review of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and paragraph structure. May require assignments in ACE Center. Course does not count toward most degrees. Some sections offered as ESL friendly, i.e. taught by instructor trained to work with students for whom English is not primary language. Course grade on pass (P), repeat (R), or fail (F) basis.

ENG 101   English Composition I ...   3

Prerequisites: Meet 1 of the following: 1.) Assess into ENG-101; 2.) Pass ENG-096; 3.) Grade of B or better in ESL-108 and a grade of C or better in ESL-106 (or assess out of ESL-106); 4.) Grade of C or better in ESL-109 and a grade of C or better in ESL-106 (or assess out of ESL-106).

College-level writing course required for all other college-level writing classes. Emphasizes essay structure, ways of organizing information, and use of sources. Basic research skills and critical thinking skills as integral part of course.

ENG 102   English Composition II ...   3

Prerequisites: C grade in ENG 101 or EACT27

Advanced college-level writing course emphasizing analysis and in-depth research. Critical reading and thinking skills as well as library skills are integral part of course.

ENG 115   Technical Writing ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Required course for some technical programs. Writing skills applied to technical reports and summaries. Emphasizes special language, information, and audience demands of technical subjects and audiences. Students must receive a minimum grade of ?C? in ENG 101 to register for course.

ENG 125   Business Writing ...   3

Prerequisites: C or better in ENG 101

Required course for some business majors. Writing skills applied to various types of business communications including business correspondence. Emphasis on demands of special audiences and types of communications.

ENG 200   Book Writing Workshop ...   3

Student should have excellent writing skills and be proficient in the English language. Skills and methods required to professionally write a fiction or nonfiction book. Students will complete the framework and a minimum of three chapters for possible submission to a publisher.

ENG 201   Introduction to Creative Writing ...   3

Exploration of various forms and processes of creative writing.

ENG 203   Self-Publishing Workshop ...   3

From manuscript preparation to media marketing, presentation of how to publish books for bookstore shelves or for family history. Guest speakers enhance course with expertise in industry. Instructor is published professional writer.

ENG 206   Workshop in Creative Writing: Narrative Forms ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 201 or permission of instructor

Advanced creative writing with emphasis on guided editing and revision of narrative forms including essay, fiction, and creative non-fiction.

ENG 207   Workshops in Creative Writing: Poetry ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 201 or permission of instructor

Advanced poetry writing with emphasis on open discussion of student work and individualized critique by instructor and peers.

LIT 200   World Mythology ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Survey of central myths of Greece, Middle East, Africa, India, Native America, and China. Emphasis on how myths have shaped various cultures.

LIT 207   Introduction to the Bible as Literature-The Old Testament: Genesis through Malachi ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

A review of Biblical significance and influence in secular literature. Biblical literacy is assumed by such authors as Chaucer, Keats, Shakespeare, Asimov, Kemp, and Atwood. Cultural touchstones of morality, humanity, and sexuality grounded in Biblical texts will be examined in literature.

LIT 210   American Literature From 1620-1865 ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Study of development of U.S. literary tradition beginning with early colonists through Civil War. Reading and discussion of major authors of poetry, fiction, drama and historical documents.

LIT 215   Introduction to Poetry ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

A close study of poetry with special emphasis on the varieties of poetic form and the means of interpretation and evaluation. The works studied will be international in nature and from at least three different centuries.

LIT 216   Dramatic Literature ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Introductory course in dramatic literature stressing the influences of the past upon modern theater, the commonality and differences between theatrical and filmed drama, and the process on how the written script becomes a live or filmed production.

LIT 220   American Literature From 1865-present ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Survey of American literature beginning with the period after the Civil War to the present. Major American writers in poetry, fiction, and drama will be read and discussed in relation to the development of intellectual thought and literary theory. Includes writers who reflect diverse voices ? Native American, African American, Asian American, Latin American, etc. ? who make America unique.

LIT 221   The American Dream and the 20th Century ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

A multi-discipline course focusing on the concept of the American Dream in history, literature and film.  This course emphasizes the American Era from the end of WWI to the present.

LIT 230   Contemporary Fiction ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Introduction to American and international fiction written from 1960 to the present. Includes short and long fiction with major emphasis on the similarities and differences of the cultural narratives that reflect the global village.

LIT 236   Science Fiction ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Focus on interplay between society and scientific theories, advances and fears of change.  Beginning in the romantic period, examines societal reactions to challenges presented by scientific discovery and the resulting changes in world view.  Course uses fiction and film.

LIT 237   Detective Fiction ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Among the most popular type of genre fiction, beginning with E.A. Poe.  Reflecting values and fears of the society and provides entertainment and insight into cultures past and present.  Classic writers of detective fiction, contemporary practitioners and film examples are used.

LIT 238   Horror Fiction ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Examination of classic and contemporary writing in order to explore the human fascination with the monstrous, the supernatural, and states of psychological consciousness.  Includes the evolution of the horror genre and examine its place in the literary cannon.

LIT 240   Contemporary Literature ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Survey of post-modern literature from 1946 to the present. Includes reading and discussion of poems, essays, short stories, plays, and novels representative of the global and multicultural nature of contemporary society.

LIT 241   Sociology Through Literature ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101, SOC 101

Application of sociological concepts to literature to analyze socio-historical events.

LIT 242   Post Colonial Literature ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

From Australia to Asia, from the Middle East to Africa, writers in the former colonies of the British empire found a unique voice to explore their lives and their countries.  Focuses on the voices of post-colonial literature in the 20th century as they deal with issues of power, gender and politics.

LIT 250   English Literature Before 1800 ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Overview of earliest works written in English. Traces development of various forms of literature from beginnings in early Anglo-Saxon poetry through Shakespeare?s plays and Romantic Poets.

LIT 252   Introduction to Shakespeare ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Introductory course of Shakespeare's insights into human behavior, the conflict inherent within societies, and his use of language.

LIT 260   English Literature After 1800 ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Overview of English literature beginning with Romantics and continuing through Modern Age. Includes poetry, drama, fiction, and essays.

LIT 262   Gothic Literature ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Focuses on a broad reading of novels, films, stories, and poems in the Gothic literary sensibility.  Unlike horror fiction, which focuses on grisly detail, Gothic is primarily concerned with fear of the unknown and resulting paranoia.

LIT 265   Fiction to Film ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Investigates fiction and film with emphasis on their uniqueness and relationship, their common narrative elements that convince reader and viewer of their correspondence to life, and of the process of translation from one narrative form to another.

LIT 271   Literature and Contemporary Cultures ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Introduction to prose, poetry, drama, and film from around the globe by authors from 1900 to Present.

LIT 272   World Literature - Ancient World Through the Renaissance ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Explores foundations of Western literary traditions from pre-Classical and Classical World through Middle Ages and Renaissance.

LIT 273   World Literature - Enlightenment to 20th Century ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Explores foundations of Western literary traditions from the Enlightenment to early 20th Century.

LIT 274   Evolution of the Tragedy: Tragic Heroes and Heroines ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Overview of the evolution of dramatic tragedy from Greek to Modern theater.

LIT 275   Holocaust Literature ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Study of novels, essays, poetry, and other art centered on genocide in the Second World War and the post-Holocaust world. Explores matters of Jewish particularity as well as global implications of the Holocaust.

LIT 280   Gender Issues in Literature ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101 with a grade of C or better.

Through the reading of fiction and non-fiction texts, this class introduces students to literary, cultural, political and historical issues that shape gender and identity.

LIT 299   Topics in Literature ...   3

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Variety of special literature studies offered.