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Business Administrative Systems Course Descriptions

BAS 101   Keyboarding ...   3

Introduction to computer keyboard and development of correct techniques for keyboarding documents. Speed and accuracy exercises to develop necessary skill level. Emphasis on straight copy skills, basic keyboarding applications, and document formatting such as letters, memos, reports, and tabulation problems. Designed for both beginning typists and individuals who need to refresh keyboarding skills.

BAS 103   Microcomputer Applications ...   3

Introduces use of business applications in word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations. Windows application package used for each application.  (PC-based software only)   Keyboarding skills recommended. Students may not receive credit for both BAS 103 and CPT 103.

BAS 105   Proofreading and Editing Business Documents ...   3

Emphasizes document formatting and review of basic related grammar and punctuation rules. Proofreading and editing techniques applied to business documents.

BAS 122   Skillbuilding ...   1

Prerequisites: BAS 101

Improves speed and accuracy of keyboarding/ typing skills in preparation for job entry and testing. Concentration on individual goals and skill improvement.

BAS 130   Customer Service Excellence ...   1

Develop fundamental principles of serving customer needs. Learn to analyze situations, develop solutions, implement and evaluate effectiveness, and train others. Covers all vital areas to help handle customers professionally, effectively, and successfully. Build good rapport with customers and associates.

BAS 131   Telephone Communication Skills ...   1

Improve telephone skills to meet needs of work place and become more customer service oriented in handling of telephone communications. Techniques of scripting and organization. Practice handling variety of customers.

BAS 135   Your Professional Image ...   1

Review of appropriate business etiquette in today's work place. Real applications of best way to develop and maintain a professional image

BAS 136   Business Communication with Customers ...   1

Focus is on improving writing skills for memos, letters, reports/proposals, and presentations.  Organize ideas, select the right words and sentence structure, techniques of editing and proofreading to convey message(s).

BAS 137   Interpersonal Skills ...   1

Develop interpersonal skills needed for today's diverse work place. Learn to make decisions using problem-solving techniques. Study different types of customers and workers and how to communicate and work successfully with each.

BAS 145   Business Technology Tools ...   3

Prerequisites: Keyboarding skills.

Emphasis on the use of technology found in today's business environment. Students will enter and edit information as well as manipulate and format data using the current technology. Voice recognition, mobile computing devices, and other input methods to complete administrative tasks will be addressed.

Corequisites: BAS/CPT 103

BAS 150   Managing Personal Information – Outlook ...   1

Learn to use Outlook effectively to maintain your personal and/or work information. Topics include: handling e-mail, organizing contacts and tasks, using notes, managing calendars, and scheduling meetings and resources.

BAS 160   Word Processing - MS Word ...   2

Focus on learning intermediate and advanced concepts and functions of current version of MS Word. Topics include creating, editing and saving documents to intermediate and advanced functions ? merges, macros, tables, wizards/templates, to multi-page documents with many special features.

Corequisites: BAS/CPT 103.

BAS 165   Presentations Using PowerPoint ...   2

Presentation and application of beginning through advanced functions of PowerPoint. Topics include: create effective graphic presentations, organize and outline content of presentation, format text and graphics, apply tools, correctly chart/graph information, change color schemes, and create customized templates. Use of resources available for preparing presentations, including effective presentation skills.

BAS 170   Spreadsheet Applications - Excel ...   2

Presentation and application of business functions of Excel. Topics include formulas and functions, absolute/relative cell references, templates, reports, charting/graphing, formatting, and integration of Excel and MS Word.

BAS 175   Database Applications - Access ...   2

Presentation and application of Access functions. Topics include: plan and design tables, query data, design and generate forms and reports, establish relationships, manage multiple databases, integrate Access with other MS Office applications.

BAS 190   Planning and Design Concepts-Microsoft Publisher ...   2

Prerequisites: BAS 103/CPT 103

Focus is on preparation, planning, and design of various desktop publishing documents using Microsoft Publisher. Design basics and elements of design such as planning message for target audience, consistency, proportion, balance, color choice, and unity will be emphasized.

BAS 201   Machine Transcription ...   2

Prerequisites: BAS 105, BAS 160

Application of software, grammar and business communication formatting skills to transcribe mailable documents from recorded dictation. Emphasis on process speed and accuracy. Content of dictated material in a variety of business operations, including legal and medical.

BAS 245   Administrative Procedures ...   3

Prerequisites: BAS 160 with a minimum grade of C or above.

Develop understanding of procedures in today's electronic office. Review of composition, telecommunications, electronic mail, making travel and meeting arrangements, document formatting, financial statements, records management, human relations, job application procedures, and decision-making skills.  Students must earn a C or above in the course in order to graduate.  Hybrid course.  Fall.

BAS 247   Administrative Supervision ...   3

Prerequisites: BAS 160 with a minimum grade of C or above.

Supervision of employees, including how to handle personnel problems, hire, terminate, and promote employees. Also, budgeting, employee evaluations, and use of decision-making skills.  Students must earn a C or above in the course in order to graduate.  Hybrid course.  Spring

BAS 250   Business Simulations ...   4

Prerequisites: BAS 103, BAS 105, BAS 160, BAS 165, BAS 170, BAS 175 with a minimum grade of C or above.

Application of all MS Office and desktop publishing skills to complete various office simulation projects. Use of critical thinking, time management, organizational skills, and integration of computer skills as performance standards. Implementation of a realistic work environment.  Students must earn a C or above in the course in order to graduate.  Hybrid course.  Spring

BAS 290   Publishing Projects- Adobe inDesign ...   2

Prerequisites: BAS 190.

This course will reinforce planning and design concepts with a focus on preparing desktop publishing documents and marketing items on a project basis. Importance will be placed on real-world application of design basics and applying those while learn to use Adobe InDesign.