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Computer Science-MIS Course Descriptions

CPT 103   Microcomputer Applications ...   3

Introduces use of business applications in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations. Windows application package used for each application. (PC-based software only)   Keyboarding skills recommended. (Students may not receive credit for both BAS 103 and CPT 103.)

CPT 104   Introduction to Programming for Animation and Computer Games ...   3

Prerequisites: Student must have completed any remedial reading courses they have been required to take.

Basic computer programming techniques using the "Alice" programming tool, to create virtual worlds containing animation and or simple games. Utilizes traditional problem solving techniques and logic to assist in program development. "Alice" tool uses "Drag and Drop" technology to create their virtual worlds; additional computer language is not required.

CPT 105   Computer Ethics ...   3

Introductory survey of classical and contemporary ethical theories related to current business and computer situations and problems with an emphasis on case studies and examples. Course fulfills AA general education requirements. (formerly CPB 105)

CPT 106   Operating Systems ...   3

Introduction to the concepts of computer operating systems, including DOS, Linux and Windows 7. Covers the three types of interfaces: command line, menu, and graphical. Operating concepts of file, disk, and other resource management.

CPT 115   Introduction to Data Processing ...   3

Introduction to computer systems with topics that include system components, data storage techniques, binary arithmetic, operating systems, device characteristics, and programming. Course fulfills AA general education requirements.

Corequisites: Recommended Corequisite: CPT 106

CPT 121   Basics of Data Communications ...   3

Understanding and appreciation of data communications from user's perspective. Overview of data communications concepts to address data communications issues in contemporary home or business environment. Online only (formerly CPC 120).

Corequisites: CPT-115

CPT 130   Introduction to UNIX Operating System ...   3

Prerequisites: CPT 106

Introduction to UNIX operating system. Covers essential components of operating system, concept of shell, and basic editing techniques. Includes file structures, file access, linking files, and script files.

CPT 165   Computer Programming Logic ...   3

Prerequisites: CPT 115

Understanding and appreciation of computer problem solving methods. Applies knowledge of specific characteristics of computer language and coding mechanics to logical solution of given problem. Logic and programming techniques apply to any of machine-oriented or high-level languages currently available.

CPT 174   COBOL Programming I ...   3

General orientation to concept of structured COBOL programming and the use of COBOL language features and programming techniques. Taught on IBM-compatible PC.

Corequisites: Recommended corequisite: CPT 165

CPT 175   COBOL Programming II ...   3

Prerequisites: CPT 174

Continuation of COBOL Programming I. Introduces programs of increased complexity, using advanced features of COBOL language, including sorts, indexed files, and subroutines. Taught on IBM-compatible PC.

CPT 182   Beginning Programming in C++ ...   3

Prerequisites: CPT 106 or CPT 115

Advanced programming topics using the C language. Emphasis on data structures and file handling.

Corequisites: Recommended corequisite: CPT 165.

CPT 186   Advanced Programming in C++ ...   3

Prerequisites: CPT 182

Working knowledge of object-oriented programming using C++ language. Features extensive hands-on programming development using C++ compiler on IBM-compatible system.

CPT 198   Computer Science Internship ...   1-3 hrs

Requires prior approval of department chair or dean. Students placed in a position in business to gain practical experience and learn specific operational technologies.

CPT 200   Systems Analysis and Design ...   3

Orientation to the development of computer-based man-machine information systems. Study of system life cycles, development of logical systems specification, data collection techniques, human factors design, and standards for documentation.

Corequisites: CPT-165

CPT 201   Introduction to Database Management ...   3

Prerequisites: CPT 103, CPT 115

Practical foundation for the design, implementation, and management of database systems. Includes the Internet?s impact on how databases are designed, implemented, and used (formerly CPB 201).