DaAnn Piglowski

Success Story

After 45 years of being out of school, DaAnn Piglowski knows that she is not the same age as most of the students who attend SCC.

“All of the younger students are very accepting of me,” DaAnn said. “SCC is geared toward returning learners – I feel like I belong here.”

DaAnn graduated from Jennings High School in 1966, then moved to Orange, Calif., to attend college with dreams of becoming a photojournalist. Two years later DaAnn gave birth to her first child, and, as she said, “Life happened.”

While working in customer service positions at various companies she received many awards for her hard work and dedication. But in 2008, her job of 21 years was outsourced and, with her husband’s blessing, DaAnn went back to college.

“Learning is a process that’s ongoing,” she said. “It never ends, no matter how old you are. I figured I might as well keep my brain functioning for as long as I possibly can.”

Now the mother of five children (including two stepchildren), and grandmother of eight, her goal is to earn an Associate of Arts degree in English and finish writing a novel. She always loved to write, so her dream of becoming a photojournalist had changed to becoming a novelist.

“I have plenty to write about, both non-fiction and fiction,” DaAnn said. “I also have a memoir in its first stages.”

The most important thing about going back to school for DaAnn is being able to go at her own pace, and she said SCC allowed for that. “There is so much positivity on SCC’s campus,” she said. “I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.”

Once she earns her associate’s degree, and after her husband retires, DaAnn will move to the Black Hills of South Dakota, where her sister lives.

“My husband calls it ‘God’s country,’ and I can picture myself on the back deck writing novel after novel,” she said. “It will be the perfect setting for my budding career as a novelist.”

But DaAnn will not forget her roots at SCC. “I love being part of this school and someday being able to say that SCC was my alma mater,” she said.

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