SCC's John Bookstaver Receives Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

April 01, 2011

John Bookstaver, a professor of chemistry at St. Charles Community College, received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in Jefferson City on Wednesday. The award was presented at a luncheon sponsored by the Missouri Community College Association.

SCC's John Bookstaver Receives Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

John Bookstaver, Ph.D., professor of chemistry

The dean of Dr. Bookstaver's department describes him as a "prototype" of an excellent teacher. Dr. Bookstaver is an advocate for high academic standards whose students consistently rate him above department and college averages. His courses are challenging – but his enthusiasm and innovation keep students tuned in, and nearly 100 percent of those who take his classes say they would recommend him to another student. Dr. Bookstaver provides real-life applications of the challenging chemical concepts he presents in his classes, allowing students to connect with chemistry in a way that is real to them.

Missouri’s community colleges are governed by locally elected boards of trustees. The colleges work together to advance common agendas through the Missouri Community College Association, or MCCA.


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