Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention

Vehicles in parking lots always present a target for thieves. 
In fact, over one million vehicles are stolen in the United States each year.

  • Lock your vehicle, make sure your windows are closed, and pocket the keys.  Nearly 20 percent of all vehicles stolen had the keys in them.
  • If you use a self-service gasoline station or convenience store, don't leave the keys in the vehicle when you go inside to pay your bill.
  • Whenever possible, park in well-lighted and busy areas.
  • Never hide a second set of keys in the vehicle.  Extra keys can easily be found if the thief takes time to look.
  • On cold mornings, never leave your motor vehicle unattended while it is warming up.
  • Periodically check your license plates to make sure they haven't been stolen or the renewal tag removed.
  • Do not leave expensive property such as CD cases, purses, radar detectors, cellular phones, and portable stereos in plain view in your vehicle.  Lock them in your trunk, or take them with you.
  • Record the brands, model numbers, and serial numbers of all electronic equipment installed in your vehicle. In the event of theft, give this information to the police.
  • If your vehicle has expensive stereo equipment, consider investing in a vehicle alarm.  If you have an alarm, make sure to use it! 
  • Don't hesitate to notify DPS if you see suspicious activity.
  • If you have to wait for a ride, wait in a busy, well-lighted place.

Think about “Safety and Security” in everything you do.