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E-communication, or e-mail, shall be considered one of the primary means of official communication to students. E-communication facilitates student success by providing regular, relevant, and time-sensitive electronic communication to students via College-assigned e-mail accounts.

The college-wide e-mail system is for communication with students in addition to those e-communications provided through the learning management system dedicated for academic instruction.

E-communication falls under the guidelines of Board Policy 483.0 – Release of Student Information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

Each student will be provided an e-mail address upon enrollment at the College. All students are expected to:

  • Read their e-mail frequently. Important announcements as well as information specific to enrollment will be sent via e-mail. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the information is read. While students may forward their e-mail to a non-College account, the College does not recommend this. The College will not be responsible for e-mail once it has been forwarded off the college’s servers, nor will support be given for any problems this might cause.
  • Monitor their college assigned e-mail account to ensure there is sufficient storage space to receive e-mails.
  • Comply with college directives sent via e-mail; failure to read e-mail is not an acceptable excuse for non-compliance. Free access to computers with Internet connection is available on campus.
  • Student e-communication is subject to all college policies and procedures for computer use as established by the College, as well as the guidelines for sending messages to other students as noted below under “Inappropriate Use of Student E-Mail.”

The College reserves the right to access student e-mail contents as deemed necessary by the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, or designee.

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