541 Video Surveillance

P-541.0 In order to enhance the security and safety of employees, students, and visitors of St. Charles Community College, as well as its facilities and assets, the College may conduct video surveillance of any portion of its premises at any time, with the specific exception of areas where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as private areas of restrooms, showers, and dressing rooms. Video monitoring will be conducted in a professional, confidential, and legal manner.
Pr-541.0.1 Information obtained through video surveillance will be used for security, investigative, and safety purposes, and will be released only after authorization by the College president or designee, and in compliance with applicable laws.
Pr-541.0.2 Only authorized personnel of the College’s Department of Public Safety will have access to the controls of the surveillance system.
Pr-541.0.3 Notification signs will be posted in areas that are monitored to notify individuals of the video surveillance.
Pr-541.0.4 Improper use of the College video surveillance system, equipment, recorded images or data, or any other information obtained through these means is prohibited.
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