113 Rules of Order

P-113.1 Order of Business - The President, upon taking the chair, shall call the members to order on the appearance of a quorum. The order of business, unless modified by the Board, shall be as follows:
  1. Call to Order
  2. Verification of Attendance
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Approval of Agenda
  5. Treasurer's Report
  6. Payment of Bills
  7. Appropriate Reports
  8. Report of College President
  9. Agenda Items

Debate, Decorum In - No Board member shall speak more than five minutes at any one time on any motion under discussion. No Board member shall speak again until all members have had a turn to speak. No Board member will speak more than twice to the same question without Board consent. No Board member will take more than three minutes explaining their vote.

Debate, Closing of - When the motion to close debate prevails, no further debate shall be in order.

Voting on a Motion - No member of the Board may vote by proxy; every member present shall vote in accordance with Missouri law. Any matter before the Board finally decided, shall not be revived within a period of three months, unless by consent of a two-thirds majority of the Board.

Changing a Vote - No member shall be allowed to change his vote on any question after the result has been announced by the Chair, unless by unanimous consent of the members of the Board.

Recording the Vote - The yeas and nays shall be called and entered on the record on all questions requiring a vote greater than a majority of the members present, and on all other questions whenever demanded by a member of the Board; and every member shall have the privilege of having his/her vote and reasons therefore recorded on any and every question, if he/she so requests.

At the request of any member, stenographic notes may be taken of the remarks of the members of the Board and officers of the College made in the course of the meeting. Such remarks shall be transcribed, and upon request of any member, shall be recorded in the official minutes. The books in which the stenographic notes are contained shall be safely kept by the Executive Assistant to the College President for possible reference thereafter.

Recognition - No person, other than a member of the Board of Trustees, the President of the College or other chief administrative personnel of the district designated by the President of the Board, shall be recognized to speak at any meeting of the Board of Trustees except upon the consent of the majority of the Board.

Leaving Meeting - No member shall leave a meeting of the Board of Trustees before the adjournment thereof without permission of the Board President.

P-113.2 Rules of Order - In all matters not covered by the rules of the Board, parliamentary procedures shall be governed by the manual known as ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER REVISED.
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