Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Call to Order and Introduction of Guests

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Board president Mack with all members present except Lohmar and Robertson.  Also present were College President Ron Chesbrough; Cabinet members Chris Breitmeyer, Donna Davis, Kasey McKee, Bill Strecker, and Todd Galbierz; and staff member Julie Parcel.
Audience members who introduced themselves were staff members Sharon Schreiber, Ryan Buenemann, Susie Rubemeyer, Bob Ronkoski, Amanda Sizemore, Ben Munson, and Katherine Keating; Faculty Association president and faculty member William Griffin; Student Senate president Tiffany Ramirez; community advocate Arnie C. Dienoff; Michele Graham from Botz, Deal & Company; and Jason Terry from Gilmore & Bell.

Pledge Of Allegiance 

Board president Mack led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Acceptance of Minutes: Regular Meeting of August 18, 2014

On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Pundmann, minutes of the August 18, 2014, regular Board meeting were accepted as presented.

Approval of Agenda 

On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Cilek, the agenda was approved. 

Treasurer's Report – Approval to Pay Bills

Treasurer Ehlmann presented the Treasurer’s Report.  Cash in bank $2,561,563; total investments $18,000,000; tuition and fees received to date $8,765,263; local taxes received to date $183,434; state appropriations received to date $1,860,513.  On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Cilek, the Treasurer’s Report was accepted.  
On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Cilek, the Board approved payment of bills from the Operating Fund in the amount of $2,212,609.

Student Senate Report

Student Senate president Tiffany Ramirez reported the following:

  • The second annual Student Bonfire was held on September 12 with 75 to 100 students, faculty, and staff members in attendance. Feedback on the event was very good, with many students saying that they looked forward to attending next year.
  • The first Student Senate meeting was held recently with four visitors in attendance who expressed interest in joining the organization.

Faculty Association Report

Faculty Association president Will Griffin reported the following:

  • Chris Cronin, a faculty member in his second year at SCC, has 36 students in his Essentials of Biology course and is using a new technology to engage his students in class. He is using Learning Catalytics as a formative assessment at the end of each chapter. The internet-based program allows his students to use their phone, tablet, or computer to answer questions independently for round 1and in teams for round 2. The technology is engaging and the team rounds allow for student led re-teaching and consensus building.
  • Vicky Herbel will be teaching Gender Roles at Maryville University this semester. This course is an upper level undergraduate course that she has taught many times at Maryville. The university continues to invite her to teach as an adjunct in their Weekend and Evening program.
  • At an upcoming event on October 8 in SSB Auditorium, Vicky Herbel, Paul Roesler, Grace Moser, Michael Kuelker, and Marvin Tobias will serve on a panel discussion about recent events in Ferguson.
  • Michael Kuelker co-organized the 14th Annual SCC Democracy Days, held September 15 – 18 in the SSB Auditorium, and he presented on the subject of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and democracy. Other Democracy Days committee members were Grace Moser, Randy Beck, Kimberly Vaughn, and Kelley Pfeiffer. Other presenters at this year’s Democracy Days included Jayme Blanford, Paul Roesler, Gabe Harper, Steve Randoll, and Lisa Davis.
  • On May 28, Michael Kuelker was a speaker at a cultural symposium at the Seville Great House in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica having to do with the music of St. Ann parish. Speakers, poets, and performers were part of the symposium. Two days later, he attended the three-day Calabash International Literature Festival in Treasure Beach, Jamaica.
  • Debra Crank-Lewis continues to share her knowledge of Lewis and Clark with students who participate in the Road Scholar program.
  • Vi Rajagopalan, professor of psychology and NCA consultant and Learning Academy mentor, recently presented “Student Persistence and Success: How Faculty Can Help” on behalf of the faculty Professional Development Committee during the fall faculty in-service week in August.
  • Vi Rajagopalan chaired the work of an AQIP Systems Appraisal Team and submitted the final feedback report for an institution on September 4. On September 22, she and her partner will present their case analysis of five institutions to the Institutional Action Council. This committee is the final stop before final approvals are given to institutions.
  • In July, PTK advisors Christy Gant, Brenda Hollrah, and Paige George accompanied students to an Honors In Action conference at Washington University.
  • On September 13, PTK advisors Christy Gant, Brenda Hollrah, Paige George, and Ron Pettus attended the Missouri Regional PTK Advisors’ Retreat in Columbia.
  • Virginia Guneyli’s students have published their own books and a class chapbook in Creative Writing. Cameron Beck, Amber Scholl, Julie Varwig, and others have gone on to self-publish after the course. Students in Virginia’s courses are currently working on Service Learning projects, including the following: organizing writing workshops for victims of domestic abuse; organizing writing workshops as part of the mental health program on campus; researching and creating peer awareness of the various immigration reform proposals and discussion; and writing marketing and awareness materials on behalf of animal shelters.
  • The Mid Rivers Review has gone to print, with approximately 85% of the publication made up of student work. The graphic designer is also a former student.

Report of the College President  

Dr. Chesbrough presented highlights from his monthly report, which can be found online at

Public Comments

Board president Mack called for public comments. Arnie C. Dienoff presented information on Amendment 3, a Missouri constitutional amendment related to teacher performance evaluation systems, and urged the Board to pass a resolution stating opposition to the amendment.

Audit Report Presentation

Botz, Deal & Company has completed their audit report for the 2013/2014 fiscal year.  Michelle Graham presented the results of the annual audit of the College’s financial records, stating that the records were in order.  The Board now has a thirty day review period and the Audit Report will be on the October 20, 2014, Board agenda for action.

6:00 p.m. – Public Hearing and Action on Property Tax Levy

At 6:00 p.m., Board President Mack called for the announced Public Hearing as mandated by state law to set the tax rates for the 2014-2015 year.  Arnie C. Dienoff spoke and urged the Board not to increase taxes. In addition, he asked that numbers be written out in word format for tax levy documents.

After these comments, a motion was made by Pundmann and seconded by Cilek to close the Public Hearing, set the Operating Levy at $0.1796 (17.96 cents) per $100 of assessed valuation, and set the Debt Service Levy at $0.0400 (4 cents) per $100 of assessed value.
Board President Mack declared that the SCC Property Tax Levy is set at $0.2196 (21.96 cents) per $100 of assessed value.  Rates are unchanged from last year.

Inventory Adjustment – July 1, 2013, Through June 30, 2014

The inventory of SCC’s fixed assets is updated monthly to remove obsolete items, donated items, items sold in surplus sales, and items offered as trade-ins for other equipment. On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Cilek, the Board took action to remove the inventoried items in the original acquisition amount of $471,562.25 from the College’s inventory records.

General Motors Resolution

On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Cilek, the Board approved a resolution for the New Jobs Training Program at General Motors in which SCC will provide education and training for 467 new jobs. The resolution authorizes the execution of a program agreement between the College and General Motors and Fiscal Agent Agreement between the College and the Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, whereby the new jobs credit will be applied to the payment of training costs.

Board Policies and Procedures Manual Revision 

The Board reviewed the following proposed manual revision. Action will be requested at the next regular meeting.

P-825.0 Social Media Use

Because social media has become such an important part of the College’s communication plan, this policy provides detailed guidelines for employees using social media to represent or connect with the College.  

Award of Bids

Website Research and Redesign Services

On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Cilek, the Board granted permission for administrators to proceed with a project for website research and redesign services, which will be funded from an external source. Funding Source: External Funding

Dell Servers for Ellucian Portal

On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Cilek, the Board approved an award to Dell Marketing, Round Rock, TX in the amount of $35,053.44 for the purchase of three Dell R820 File Servers as part of the portal project approved at the July 14, 2014 meeting. Funding Source: College Reserves 

Closed Session

On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Cilek, the Board voted to adjourn into Closed Session as allowed by RSMo 610.021.2 and 610.021.3 to discuss the following: (2) Leasing, purchase or sale of real estate by a public governmental body where public knowledge of the transaction might adversely affect the legal consideration therefor; and (3) Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees by a public governmental body when personal information about the employee is discussed or recorded. 
A roll call vote was taken and the following “AYE” votes were cast:  Ehlmann, Pundmann, Mack, and Cilek.  The Board adjourned into Closed Session. 

After discussions in these areas, on a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Cilek, the Board voted to reconvene into Open Session.  A roll call vote was taken and the following “AYE” votes were cast: Ehlmann, Pundmann, Mack, and Cilek.  The Board reconvened into Open Session.

Personnel Recommendations        

On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Ehlmann, the Board approved the following personnel list:

Full-Time New and Replacement Hires

  • Fitzsimmons, Timothy (FAC) Groundskeeper
  • Hare, Joanne (LRA) Administrative Secretary
  • Jones, Sarah (AHS) Instructor, One-Year Fixed Term Appointment
  • Ottwell, Rebecca (WFD) Office Assistant
  • Peterson, Amber (MAC) Marketing Specialist
  • Smith, Orlando (IR) Associate Director of Institutional Research
  • Wareing, Jason (FAC) Maintenance Assistant

Full-Time Changes

  • Bierman, Anastais (AHS) Adjunct Faculty to Instructor, One-Semester Fixed Term Appointment
  • Diemund, Jean (AHS) Office Assistant (Box Office) to Division Office Coordinator
  • Drury, Teresa (SDV) Administrative Secretary to Office Coordinator
  • Fitzwilliam, Amy (CCD) Project Coordinator to Program Specialist
  • Greenwood, Mary Elizabeth (CDC) Part-time Assistant Teacher to Full-time Assistant Teacher
  • Hampel, Angie (TOL) Division Office Coordinator to Learning System Support Specialist
  • Hartmann, Wayne (NET) System Admin – Academic Computing to Network Administrator
  • Heisse, William (MSB) Adjunct Faculty to Instructor, One-Year Fixed Term Appointment
  • Holmes, Debi (ENS) Financial Aid Assistant to Financial Aid Specialist
  • Kearns, Brenda (HR) Office Assistant to Human Resources Assistant
  • Koehler, Amy (NAH) Associate Professor to Interim Dean of Nursing & Allied Health
  • Mathias, Ryan (NET) Computer/Network Analyst to Desktop/Applications Administrator
  • Mayer, Kelly (NET) Enrollment Services Assistant to Service Center Representative
  • Meyers, Janelle (CDC) Assistant Director of Child Development Center to Associate Director of Child Development Center
  • Mouser, Lisa (TOL) Director of Academic Computing to Director of Technology Support
  • Tyler, Kanita (NAH) Adjunct Faculty to Instructor, One-Semester Fixed Term Appointment

Full-Time Separations

  • Beck, Robert (FAC) Housekeeper
  • Berhorst, Kathleen (ATH) Assistant Coach – Women’s Soccer
  • Bova, Pamela (ACS) Accessibility Services Manager (retiring)
  • Hill, Stephanie (CDC) Assistant Teacher
  • Marino, John (AHS) Associate Professor (retiring)
  • Wareing, Jason (FAC) Maintenance Assistant

Part-Time New and Replacement Hires

  • Aubuchon, Rachel (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Beck, Danielle (CDC) Childcare Worker
  • Brasher, Emily (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Brown, Dena (SDV) Accessibility Services Assistant
  • Brown, Erika (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Burrows, Tershelle (TOL) Student Assistant
  • Burton, Karen (CCD) PB Con Ed Instructor II
  • Candice, Christopher (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Chauhan, Ravinder (ACE) Student Assistant
  • Cole, Cody (AHS) Student Assistant
  • Dagne, Yesh (SDV) Work Study
  • Faulkner, Kemiyah (SDV) Work Study
  • Favazza, Nicholas (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Filsinger, Otto (WFD) PB Contract Trainer II
  • Garrett, Jon (AHS) Accompanist
  • Gibbs, Megan (CDC) Childcare Worker
  • Hall, James (MSB) Student Assistant
  • Horan, Thomas (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Jehle, Jeffrey (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Johnson, Richard (WFD) PB Contract Trainer II
  • Love, Victoria (CCD) PB Con Ed Instructor II
  • Maldonado, Emilio (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Matlock, Sharla (CCD) PB Con Ed Instructor
  • McCulley, Jessica (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Milosevic, Aleksandar (ACE) Student Assistant
  • Murphy, Russell (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Nelson, Mark (AHS) Student Assistant
  • Nunn, Bethany (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Outtrim, Erica (SDV) Case Manager
  • Poblette, Jasmine (AHS) Student Assistant
  • Rotunda, Regina (MSB) Work Study
  • Ryan, Michael (LRA) Student Assistant
  • Salem, Muath (LRA) Student Assistant
  • Schantz, Rebecca (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Scott, Staci (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Seckington, Theron (CCD) PB Young People’s Theater Technician
  • Slayback, Ashlee (ATH) Assistant Coach – Women’s Soccer
  • Starkey, Ryan (AS) Bookstore Clerk
  • Totty, Ifeoma (NAH) PB Health Occupations Instructor
  • Viviyasiri, Nicholas (ACE) Student Assistant
  • Wexler, Breanna (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Wilson, Stephen (WFD) PB Contract Trainer II
  • Wright-Robinson, Erica (NAH) Adjunct Faculty

Part-Time Separations

  • Boschert, Jodi (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Bredenkoetter, Megan (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Brown, Carolyn (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Cook, Daniel (WFD) PB Contract Trainer III
  • Counts, Janine (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Diener, Clarence (WFD) PB Contract Trainer III
  • Ebbinghaus, Brian (YPT) PB Young Peoples Theater Technician
  • Ellis, Julie (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Felling, Stephen (WFD) PB Contract Trainer II
  • Foster, Deborah (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Fuller, Mary (BKS) Bookstore Clerk
  • Gage, Hannah (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Gibson, Casey (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Guinn, Cheryl (BKS) Bookstore Clerk
  • Hagan, Kyle (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Hopkins, Robert (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Hunter, Joseph (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Jones, Jill (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Joyce, Jacqueline (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Jung, Heather (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Kolarik, Tina (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Kuehnel, Leah (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Lafary, Norman (WFD) PB Contract Trainer III
  • Lynn, Cheryl (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Malcic, Molly (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • McCarter, Melissa (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • McFarland, Dale (WFD) PB Contract Trainer III
  • McIntosh, Chelsea (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Mudd, Theresa (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Nagel, Charles (WFD) PB Contract Trainer III
  • Neuhaus, Jessica (ACS) Accessibility Services Assistant
  • Nolte, Richard (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • O’Brien, Sarah (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Ogden, Jeanne (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Ridge, Karen (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Riordan, Kathryn (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Robert, Katie (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Schumacher, Stanton (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Smith, Kathryn (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Spegal, Rebecca (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Wartick, Alisa (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Wayne, Katherine (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Wells, Shannon (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Westerman, Terry (WFD) PB Contract Trainer III
  • Wexler, Annette (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Witty, Sterling (AHS) Educational Aide
  • Wolf, Helen (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Wyatt, Robert (WFD) PB Contract Trainer III
  • Yarolimek, Anthony (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I


No additional items were discussed at this time.

Comments from Board Members

Board members had no additional comments.

Next Regular Meeting

The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled on Monday, October 20, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room (SSB 2102).


On a motion by Cilek and a second by Pundmann, the meeting adjourned at 6:24 p.m.