Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Call to Order and Introduction of Guests

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Board President Mack. All members were present except Robertson, who arrived soon after the call to order. Also present were College President Ron Chesbrough; Cabinet members Chris Breitmeyer, Donna Davis, Heather McDorman, Kasey McKee, Bill Strecker, and Todd Galbierz; and staff member Julie Parcel.
Audience members who introduced themselves were staff members Susie Rubemeyer, Sharon Schreiber, Bob Ronkoski, Pat Haynes, Ryan Buenemann, and Bob Gill; Faculty Association president William Griffin; Student Senate president Tiffany Ramirez; and county public advocate Arnie C. Dienoff.

Acceptance of Minutes: Regular Meeting of July 14, 2014 

On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Ehlmann, minutes of the July 14, 2014, regular Board meeting were accepted as presented.

Approval of Amended Agenda 

On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Lohmar, the amended agenda was approved. The agenda was amended with the omission of Agenda Item #11 – Agreement between St. Charles Community College and SCC Foundation, which will be presented at a future meeting.

Treasurer's Report – Approval to Pay Bills

Treasurer Ehlmann presented the Treasurer’s Report. Cash in bank $6,669,378; total investments $18,000,000; tuition and fees received to date $8,751,094; local taxes received to date $69,967; state appropriations received to date $1,240,342.  On a motion by Lohmar and a second by Cilek, the Treasurer’s Report was accepted.  
On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Lohmar, the Board approved payment of bills from the Operating Fund in the amount of $3,108,746.

Student Senate Report

  • Student Senate president Tiffany Ramirez reported the following:
  • Student Senate raised funds over the summer by selling drinks and snacks at the Student Activities/Friends and Alumni sponsored movie nights. The next movie night is scheduled on Friday, August 22.
  • Preparations are underway for Student Senate’s 2nd Annual SCC Bonfire, scheduled from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. on Friday, September 12 near the purple parking lot and sand volleyball court. The event will include poetry readings and live entertainment, along with free food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Faculty Association Report

Faculty Association president William Griffin reported the following:

  • Faculty Association reports this year will have a feature that asks one faculty member on the day of the Board of Trustees meeting, “What did you accomplish today?” in order to give a better sense of what faculty members do in their jobs. Griffin gave his report first, as follows. “I spent an hour and a half working with our instructional designer, Alane Breitmeyer, on my Canvas shell. The switch to Canvas is a big change for most faculty members, and not just for online courses since many on campus courses use our Learning Management System as well. Getting our courses to work the way we want them to, and even just learning how to do what we want to do in this new software system, is taking a great deal of time, in addition to the regular scrambling at the beginning of the semester trying to get our syllabi done and everything else. I think I accomplished a lot this morning and feel better about my courses as a result. I want to thank Alane and Dave for all the help they’ve been giving us in this transition, but I also wanted to point out the enormous amounts of time SCC faculty have spent working on the online components of their courses getting ready for this semester.”
  • The Musical Theatre production “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” had a very successful run this summer and was completely sold out by the Sunday matinee.  It was directed and choreographed by Lynne Snyder (associate professor of theatre), with set and lighting design by Jeff Roop (theatre manager).
  • Over the summer, Ellen Wilson participated in the AP Reading Program for Human Geography.  She spent seven days being trained and then reading hundreds of AP exams.  Human Geography had about 550 readers to read about 150,000 exams.  Wilson said that it was an amazing experience to be surrounded by so many people interested and knowledgeable about geography and to see how bright many high school students are today.  It was a very worthy activity and she hopes to participate again.
  • Vicky Herbel, professor of sociology, managed to balance work and play. After vacationing in Keystone, CO with her family, she taught Introduction to Sociology at Maryville University and COL 101 at SCC for the pre-fall semester.
  • Debra Crank-Lewis presented information on Lewis and Clark on July 28 for the Road Scholar program. 
  • Debra Crank-Lewis also participated in SCC Capstone reading. She and other readers met for two days in June to read Capstone portfolios (read 268 essays assessing five categories: Humanities, Multicultural/Valuing, Social Science, Higher Order Thinking, and Managing Information). The group was led by Jane Wright, Deb Crank-Lewis, and Heather Rogers, and data generated will be included in a report on SCC General Education program this fall. Participants included Jane Wright, Heather Rodgers, Jayme Blandford, Kathleen Sanker, Christina Gant, David VanMierlo, Vi Rajagopalan, Virginia Guneyli, William Griffin, Darren Osburn, and Dan Rezny 
  • Lisa Davis, adjunct professor of political science, published a supplemental text with Kendall Hunt Publishing: “American Government: Using ‘the Force’ to Defend a Galaxy Near You.” It is a 400-plus page book that her students will be able to use this semester.
  • Jayme Blandford, Christy Gant, and Annie Bierman (new temporary full-time English faculty) spent a week in June grading over one million high school AP essays in Louisville, KY.
  • Jayme Blandford spent a week in Oklahoma as part of a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant focused on Native Americans in the Midwest. She traveled with other Humanities professors to Miami, OK, to meet with representatives from over 11 tribes. The group heard oral histories from elders and chiefs, listened to lectures from scholars in the field, visited museums, and learned about language revitalization efforts. 
  • Joyce Lindstrom attended the Summer Institute of the C.S. Lewis Foundation with five days in Oxford followed by five days in Cambridge, England.  The Institute theme, Reclaiming the Virtues: Human Flourishing in the 21st Century, was addressed through both reason and imagination – words, music, dance, and drama.  Speakers included humanitarian relief worker Baroness Caroline Cox, member of the British House of Lords; Eric Metaxas, best-selling author of recent biographies of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce; and Indian philosopher Vishal Mangalwadi, among others.  Activities included both a worship service at Ely Cathedral, built in the 12th century, and a walk along Addison's Walk, where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien spent many hours walking and talking.
  • Nancy Graviett (professor) and Andrea Compton (associate professor) from Business Technology attended Canvas Instructurecon in Park City, UT June 17-19. They report that it was a great opportunity and perfect timing with the change from Moodle to Canvas at that same time at SCC. It was also a beautiful location where they experienced winter, spring, and summer all three during their short visit.
  • Four members of the SCC chapter of Phi Beta Lambda attended and competed at the PBL National Leadership Conference at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN on June 24-27, accompanied by PBL Advisor, Andrea Compton (associate professor – Business Technology). 
  • The Business Ethics team of Maria Pizzo, Paige Waltrip, and Paige Bogert earned 3rd Place in the nation in their event and donated their award money back to the SCC PBL chapter to help get fundraising off to a good start for the 2014/2015 year. 
  • Andrea Compton (associate professor – Business Technology) worked with Doug Reid (professor of music from Shoreline Community College in Seattle, WA) and Bonita Volker (professor of information systems technology from Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, VA) on a Quality Matters (QM) Course Review team this summer. The course reviewed was CIOS A150, MS PowerPoint from Kodiak College in Kodiak, AK. Andrea completed the Quality Matters Applying the Rubric training in January 2012 and QM Peer Reviewer training in August 2012.  

Report of the College President  

Dr. Chesbrough presented highlights from the President’s Report, which can be found online at   

Board Policies and Procedures Manual Revision – Action

  • P-105 – Code of Ethics/Conflicts of Interest
    On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Lohmar, the Board approved updates to P-105 – Code of Ethics/Conflicts of Interest to include Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) filing requirements for Board of Trustees candidates. Additional non-substantive wording changes were also made in order to more closely follow guidelines set forth by the Missouri Ethics Commission. In Pr-105.1 Reporting Violations, administrator titles were updated.

  • P-113 – Rules of Order
    On a motion by Lohmar and a second by Robertson, the Board approved the addition of “Pledge of Allegiance” and “Public Comment” to P-113.1 Order of Business as regular agenda items. The subsection entitled “Recognition” was replaced with “Public Comment.” Specifications for public comment have been added, including limiting comment for each audience member to a total of three minutes and only one time per meeting after being recognized by the Board chair. Members of the public who wish to address the Board must sign in with the Board secretary at least five minutes prior to the start of the meeting, using a form that will require legal name, county and state of residence, and the agenda or non-agenda item upon which the comment will be made. 

Date for Public Hearing on Tax Levy – Action

On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Cilek, a Public Hearing on the tax levy, required by law, was set for the Monday, September 15, 2014, Board of Trustees meeting at 6:00 p.m.  

Biennial Approval of Code of Ethics Policy – P-105 – Action

The College is required by state statute to approve, on a biennial basis, the Code of Ethics policy (P-105) which is currently in place with updates presented for approval at this meeting. The last time SCC adopted this policy was August 13, 2012. On a motion by Robertson and a second by Lohmar, the policy was readopted in order to be in compliance with state statute.

Award of Bids – Action 

Mathematica Software Unlimited Site License

On a motion by Lohmar and a second by Cilek, the Board awarded a contract to Wolfram Research, Champaign, IL in the amount of $23,729.64 for the purchase of an unlimited site license agreement for a period of three years to provide Mathematica software for instructional purposes and student use. Funding Source: Math Department – Current Operating

Administrative Computer Replacements

On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Cilek, the Board granted an award to Dell Marketing, Round Rock, TX in the amount of $51,755.74 for the replacement of 62 computers located in faculty and staff offices across campus. Funding Source: Technology Fund (Technology Fees)

Closed Session

On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Mack, the Board voted to adjourn into Closed Session as allowed by RSMo 610.021.3 to discuss the following: (3) Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees by a public governmental body when personal information about the employee is discussed or recorded. 
A roll call vote was taken and the following “AYE” votes were cast:  Ehlmann, Lohmar, Pundmann, Mack, Cilek, and Robertson.  The Board adjourned into Closed Session.

After discussion in this area, on a motion by Lohmar and a second by Robertson, the Board voted to reconvene into Open Session. A roll call vote was taken and the following “AYE” votes were cast: Ehlmann, Lohmar, Pundmann, Mack, Cilek, and Robertson. 

Personnel Recommendations – Action

On a motion by Lohmar and a second by Cilek, the Board approved the following personnel list:

Full-Time New and Replacement Hires

  • Dettmer, Eric (LRA) Learning Specialist

Full-Time Changes

  • Aubuchon, Fay (WFD) Associate Director WF Programs and Services to Associate Dean WF Programs and Services
  • Cramer, Brynne (MAC) Marketing Specialist to Public Relations Coordinator
  • De Los Santos, Tammie (WFD) Associate Director of College/Career Readiness to Associate Dean of College/Career Readiness
  • Radle, Jacqueline (MSB) Adjunct Faculty to One-Year Fixed Term Appointment, Instructor, Developmental Math
  • Sizemore, Amanda (WFD) Director of Workforce Development to Dean of Community Development
  • Tiek, Brandon (FAC) Groundskeeper to Housekeeper

Full-Time Separations

  • Westadt, Rachel (LRA) Administrative Secretary
  • Williams, Patti (NAH) Dean of Nursing and Allied Health

Part-Time New and Replacement Hires

  • Abade-O’Dell, Jennifer (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Alverson, Sarajane (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Balthasar, Kyle (FAC) PB Housekeeper
  • Bauer, Beth (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Berhorst, Kathleen (ATH) Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach
  • Bierman, Anastasia (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Boyer, Melissa (CCD) PB Instructor II
  • Brown, Carolyn (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Bruns, Kevin (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Carter, Journee (LRA) Student Assistant
  • Carter, Miranda (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Claspill, Stacey (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Collins, Lorraine (DPS) Office Assistant/DPS Dispatcher
  • Daugherty, Seth (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Ehlers, Carolyn (LRA) Library Assistant
  • Elliott, William (CCD) PB Con Ed Instructor II
  • Evans, Elizabeth (BKS) Bookstore Assistant
  • Franke, Amanda (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Goggin, Bryan (MSB) Student Assistant
  • Hagen, Stacey (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Haley, David (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Haupt, Stephen (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Keough, Sean (CCD) PB Con Ed Instructor II
  • Kiser, Brenna (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Lawrence, Wendy (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Marshall, Devin (FAC) PB Housekeeper
  • Martin, Misty (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • McCarter, Melissa (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • McCune, Whitney (LRA) Student Assistant
  • Meirink, Mark (MSB) Student Assistant
  • Niehoff, Jennifer (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Philippone, Caroline (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Powers Melo, Angela (CCD) PB AEL Instructor
  • Rodhouse, John (LRA) Student Assistant
  • Schergen, Mary (ENS) Enrollment Services Assistant
  • Schultz, Timothy (CCD) PB AEL Instructor
  • Seiter, Lorrain (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Simmons, Elizabeth (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Steineger, Joseph (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Stowers, Janelle (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Thanaporn, Prasobchoke “Nancy” (ACE) Student Assistant
  • Tyler, Kanita (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Vest, Jennifer (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Waitman, Grace (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Walsh, Sarah (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Williams, Scott (MSB) Adjunct Faculty

Part-Time Changes

  • Akihiro, Pamela (NAH) FT Lab Assistant to PT Lab Assistant
  • Anth, Katelyn (ADS) Work Study to Student Assistant
  • LaBeau, Lisa (FAC) PT Housekeeper to PB Housekeeper
  • Semrow, Diane (BKS) Bookstore Clerk to Bookstore Assistant

Part-Time Separations

  • Ascare, Diane (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Burleson, Alyson (CDC) Childcare Worker
  • Burleson, Rebecca (CDC) Childcare Worker
  • Espinosa Comacho, Laura (ACC) Student Assistant
  • Etienne, Christie (WFD) Contract Trainer II
  • Francis, Allison (ADS) Intern
  • Grannemann, Stephen (ACE) Educational Aide
  • Hall, James (MAT) Student Assistant
  • Kaelin-File, Diana (CCD) PB AEL Instructor
  • Lackland, Kayla (LRA) Work Study
  • Maryan, Samantha (CDC) Childcare Worker
  • Menos, Kevin (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Ncho, Didy (ACE) Student Assistant
  • Reams, Deborah (FAC) PB Housekeeper
  • Schultz, Cody (ACE) Educational Aide
  • Stafford, Susan (LRA) Library Assistant 

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates for 2015 

The Board reviewed and approved the meeting schedule for 2015. Meetings will be held on the third Monday of each month in 2015 with exceptions in January (fourth Monday) and November/December (combined meeting on the first Monday in December).


On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Cilek, the Board approved public comment from Arnie C. Dienoff. Mr. Dienoff spoke of his concerns regarding P-113 Rules of Order (Board policy), P-105 Code of Ethics/Conflicts of Interest (Board policy), and the current start time for Board of Trustees meetings.

Next Regular Meeting

The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled on Monday, September 15, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room (Social Sciences Building Room 2102). 


On a motion by Lohmar and a second by Pundmann, the meeting adjourned at 6:06 p.m.